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COVID-19 vaccine for money and stock

This week in the US will be marked by quarterly reports on the financial condition and affairs of large companies. In particular, they are waiting for reports from pharmaceutical companies developing a vaccine against coronavirus. Here are the main companies Merck, Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson. The same companies will report to the US Congress.

AstraZeneca’s Phase I test report is most awaited. The document is scheduled for release on July 20. According to experts, the vaccine samples from this company may be the most successful in the fight against COVID-19. The reason for this is that this vaccine will cause the appearance in the human body not only of antibodies, which completely disappear after three months, but also of T cells. These cells are the killers of the coronavirus.

Perhaps in the very near future we will witness the emergence of a vaccine against COVID-19. The world and millions of people really need it. US in one of the first stages. It is in this country that the situation with the sick and the dead remains one of the most difficult.

But! There is another reason why making a vaccine is important. Last week Moderna announced a successful vaccine testing phase. This was the reason for the short-term, but rapid growth in the shares of many companies and not only the pharmaceutical industry. Airlines, services and entertainment, and many others grew. Subsequently, there was a decline. But someone managed to make money! And even positive development news will already provide a profit opportunity.

I think there is no point in explaining in more detail why the creation of a vaccine is important. I admit that for serious players, first of all, the creation of a vaccine is important because of the huge income, and only then in the light of drugs for people. After all, Americans are businessmen in the first place. Everything else is second …

Well, let’s not forget about the presidential elections. I am sure that if the vaccine is invented before November, Trump will be re-elected.

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John Ellis
July 20, 2020


An all-out for corporate profit government, a for-profit medicine, and a for-profit processed food industry that maximizes profit by making your food taste sinfully rich with a fat content that exceeds 50% fat for the average American, a triple-whammy combination that fattens you up for the slaughter so that on the operating table they can butcher you as a sacrificial lamb as they worship on the alter of greed. Surely, over 30% of GDP is what such a death trap is all about.

John Ellis
Reply to  John Ellis
July 20, 2020

For the only known cure and the perfect cure for Covid 19, this is a healthy immune system that can create antibodies that hunt down, attack and kill dead the virus. A reality that is made possible only by a nutrition rich diet, an unprocessed food diet as it comes from the farm with 80% of calories being all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients contained in complex carbohydrates.
For the average American diet is 50% fat and only 5% complex carbohydrates.

John Ellis
July 21, 2020


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