Court orders Russian airline Aeroflot to allow plus size stewardesses

Russia’s national airline will be forced to adopt western-style anti-discrimination policies

( – The Moscow City Court ordered Aeroflot to abolish internal company rules, according to which the salary of company’s stewardesses depends on their clothing size.

A stewardess, who worked for Aeroflot, sued Russia’s major airline for discriminating rules, RBC reports.

The woman sought a raise to her salary and 100,000 rubles ($1,700) in compensation for moral damage. The woman won the suit: she received her raise, but was paid only 5,000 rubles ($84) in compensation.

Aeroflot was satisfied with the decision of the court, but it remains unclear how the airline is going to change its rules now.

According to Aeroflot rules, flight attendants are supposed to wear sizes within the range of 42-48.

Officials with the airline said that every “excessive” kilogram of flight attendants’ weight costs the company 759 rubles ($13) a year. Excess weight can also become a problem for the evacuation of passengers, Aeroflot representatives claimed.

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