Communist ANTIFA freak hit by truck at “March for Jesus” event in Portland (Video)

Karma crushes communist ANTIFA thug.

An ANTIFA protester was hit by a pickup truck on Saturday while interrupting a ‘March for Jesus’ event organised by a group called ‘Patriot Prayer’ in Portland.

As ‘Patriot Prayer’ attendees held their peaceful march, and prayers, led by Trump supporter Joey Gibson, a small group of ANTIFA communist protesters arrived, speaking through a megaphone and extolling the virtues of communism.

Then karma hit…watch the video below.

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Justin Hahn
Justin Hahn
December 24, 2017

These antifa losers need to read the Book of Luke.

Also, lulz. Sad a person got hurt, but lulz.

December 25, 2017

Commies. First they lose their minds, then they lose their knees. I have not an iota of concern or sympathy for that human-hating commie loser.

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