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As The System Collapses, Can America Rediscover Its Cameralist Roots?

From the Rising Tide Foundation

Everyone knows of the American Revolution and Declaration of 1776. Very few people know of the deeper historical currents and networks of republicans stretching across space and time that made this revolution happen and upon whose ideas, a system came into being which was named “The American System of Political Economy”.

On Sunday July 12th, the Rising Tide Foundation hosted a lecture by historian and engineer Sam Labrier who introduced the philosophical, political and economic origins of the American System by taking his audience into a study of world history starting with the french Cameralist school of Jean-Baptiste Colbert that arose in the wake of the 1648 Peace of Westphalia. Leaders of this school of political economy included such great statesmen and scholars as Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and the jurist Emerich de Vattel whose “Law of Nations” stands in total opposition to all systems of Hobbesian empire upon which today’s current geopolitical system is premised.

The ideas of value, productivity, law, technology and economy which arose from the Camerialist school and which was later advanced by the great Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton (first U.S. Treasury Secretary) and Henry C Carey stands in total opposition to all monetarist/free trade schools of thought rooted in the philosophy of such minds as Adam Smith, John Locke, Thomas Malthus and J.S. Mill upon which today’s globalized world order are based.

With the immanent collapse of the neoliberal financial system now underway and the potential emergence of a new global operating system, it is vital that such historic lessons be absorbed by today’s citizenry in order to avoid falling for naive traps being set in our path by those same arsonists who have burned down the village in which we reside.

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John Ellis
July 31, 2020

American System of Political Economy

  1. The laboring-class, the uneducated lower-half of society known as the 50% working-poor, keep them enslaved by poverty wages so they never have the funds to hire all the politicians needed to gain liberty.
  2. The 25% educated middle-class, keep them functioning as police, supervisors and slave drivers over the laboring-class by making sure that they always own 25% of the land and wealth.
John Ellis
Reply to  John Ellis
July 31, 2020

-3. The 25% most wealthy, let them select and bribe every police chief and Sheriff, so that the 50% working-poor is so terrorized by legalized killers that the poor are the 50% who never vote.
Enabling the 25% most wealthy to be the voting majority, enabling the rich to decide all elections and they to hoard 75% of all the wealth — from the Atlantic to Pacific.

John Ellis
July 31, 2020


A make believe war between the rich nobility of England and rich nobility of America. All slave owners, all real estate speculators and all having as their highest desire to stop England from expanding a new law outlawing slavery.
For how can anyone but the rich have freedom of speech, when the rich own all of media and have the freedom of the press to decide who gets heard?

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