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Cohen: How Impeachment Is Escalating The New US-Russian Cold War

As the New Cold War gathers up speed and escalates, we are entering a “fact-free world” as allegations are made that are proved not to be true are promoted…

Summary of Broadcast Produced by Yvonne Lorenzo:

As the New Cold War gathers up speed and escalates, we are entering a “fact free world” as allegations are made that are proved not to be true are promoted; for example, the allegation that the DNC was hacked by Russia has been officially debunked—no one could name the seventeen intelligence agencies, the Coast Guard was one. The notion of the hacking was cooked up by two agencies: by the DNI’s head James Clapper and Brennan at the CIA. Nevertheless, recently News Anchor Chuck Todd of NBC (the most pro-Russiagate network, the ones who shamelessly accused presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian asset) took it one step further: ignoring the facts, Todd again stated that seventeen intelligence agencies agreed that the Russians not only interfered in the election but that they swung the election to Trump. While interference is one thing, no one has previously made that allegation. Consequently, we are now in a fact-free discourse in America: no evidence is necessary to prove anything, falsehoods are taken up by the legacy media, what Professor Cohen would call a world of tabloid gossip media, except in their favor the tabloids, fearing lawsuits, will do some fact checking, which is conspicuous in its absence in the legacy media. And Professor Cohen noted that it’s hard to get traction and you can’t have a conversation with someone when you don’t agree upon the facts.

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Some guy from Napoli
Some guy from Napoli
December 29, 2019

This state of affairs isn’t new. It’s been the norm in the US for many, many long decades.
A coup made up of military patriots to end the empire would be the best thing. Calling in all the US troops and US equipment, and replacing the current system with a real multi polar one.

Reply to  Some guy from Napoli
December 30, 2019

except the nature of the current coup is 180 degrees from what you have described.

December 29, 2019

Yep. Bullshit and lies are the new reality in “western” sewer media.

peter mcloughlin
December 29, 2019

Nothing should distract from the grave state of world affairs. This is not a new Cold War, but the demise of the old one; just like the Concert of Europe finally died in 1914. We are blindly blundering towards nuclear Armageddon.

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