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CNN imagines assassination of Donald Trump and Mike Pence (VIDEO)

CNN have hit a new low. They have gone from a pro-Clinton mouthpiece to a fake news stalwart, and now they have devolved into a vulgar conspiracy minded ‘piece of garbage’.

That last epithet is of course what Donald Trump assigned to fake news outlet Buzzfeed.

CNN has just done a show fantasising about a mass assassination/terror attack during Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Like school-boy scoundrels, they imagined what might happen if Donald Trump, Mike Pence, The Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Pro-Tem Senate leader, were all murdered in a massive attack.

They then described how in the event of such an ungodly event it would be Obama’s cabinet members who would be in-line to become President.

Let me explain my disgust.

Firstly, fantasising about the murder of leaders is deplorable. Never in the height of the Cold War would any proper American media outlet have fantasised about ‘what are the possibilities of Brezhnev being assassinated’.  Nor in the USSR would Nu Pogodi have been interrupted for a special broadcast about ‘The top 10 ways to murder Richard Nixon’.

CNN has hit really hit rock bottom. Not content to have been an open Clinton propaganda mouth-piece, their reporters now indulge themselves with fantasies of a terrorist attack or worse could take the lives of American representatives of all parties.

As someone who is familiar with RT’s programming, I know that RT would never dare to do such a thing. I am also confident that if RT’s sensible editorial staff were to go insane and decided to do something like that, everyone in the West would round on them for doing so.

For CNN to engage in such a fantasy less than 24 hours prior to the inauguration of a democratically elected US President is beyond wrong.

For the record, I am a Trump supporter, but time and time again during the campaign I wished Hillary Clinton personally well when she seemed to be struggling with health problems.

My conscience is clear. Is yours CNN?

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