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Claims that the US and UK invaded Syria through Jordan are totally unsubstantiated and should not be taken as fact

The expression ‘truth is the first casualty of war’ is an understatement, but the fact is that in the fog of war, well intentioned but misleading information can be equally damaging as a white lie.

Various English language news organisations from the Middle East and beyond have reported that US, UK and unspecified ‘rebel’ troops have illegally entered Syria from Jordan, thus opening up a new front in the war.

It is well known that Jordan is a close ally of both the US and UK and that it regularly hosts military contingents from both states.

However, the aforementioned ‘invasion’ has not been confirmed by any of the governments involved in the crisis, not Syria nor Russia, America, Iran, Jordan, Britain, Turkey nor anyone else.

The only evidence provided to bolster the original Arabic language report from the SMART News Agency is a short video showing some military vehicles in the middle of a desert.

This ‘evidence’ simply isn’t good enough and anyone who has reported on the War in Donbass could understand why.

Throughout the Donbass war, the Kiev regime released totally uncorroborated photos purportedly showing ‘Russian military vehicles’  when this was simply not true. Many times these were old Soviet vehicles which belonged to the Ukrainian regime and other times they were local vehicles belonging to the Donbass Republics.

An infamous moment came when Ukrainian politicians presented the US with photos allegedly showing a ‘Russian invasion’. The only problem was that the photos in question were from the South Ossetian conflict of 2008.

Although Syria is on the right side of history in fighting blood thirsty terrorists, it is no excuse for the pro-Syrian press to follow the same path as the Ukrainian regime.

If one is going to make a bold and controversial claim and then present it as fact, hard evidence is necessary, especially since it is highly unlikely that not a single government involved would acknowledge the claims if they were true.

Until there is real acknowledgement or real forensic evidence of a new front of a US/UK/terrorist invasion of Syria from Jordan, it cannot be considered true. Wild conspiracy theories are not news nor is wishful thinking or playing devil’s advocate.

Some people actually wish there was a new front in the Syrian conflict in order to justify their narratives or worse yet their personal relevance. Of course the Syrian conflict is a battle between good and evil and a profound one, but this still does not excuse reporting something as an event, when the fog of war leaves vastly more doubts than certainties.

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