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Civil War deepens as Gov. Cuomo threatens President Trump [Video]

What is being called a “feud” has language that looks like it is really more like a war. Because, it is.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered a shocking bit of rhetoric after President Trump threatened to cut off federal funding to Democrat-run cities.

Watch this:

At first, Governor Cuomo was reasonable. But his reason (though very angry reason) lasted for only one sentence. Then he loses it.

“He is the cause of COVID in New York”

But wait… Wasn’t Bill DeBlasio telling people to go to Broadway plays without fear, and one of the other city managers telling people to go “hug a Chinese” person during the yearly Chinese New Year celebrations that were taking shape.

Didn’t Nancy Pelosi, the Hair Queen of San Francisco, denouncing the President for closing travel from China, saying it wasn’t needed.

It goes on. And now, to blame the President for COVID? Well, then it gets worse.

“He’s going to walk down the street in New York? Forget bodyguards; he better have an army if he thinks he is going to walk down the street in New York…”

What are you implying, Governor Cuomo?

Yesterday it was Hair Queen Nancy threatening a regular business owner with a nationally televised broadcast blaming that owner, Erica Kious, for Nancy’s own breaking of the COVID rules in her city. Now Erica has death threats being phoned in against her. What is Gov. Cuomo’s talk supposed to do? Turn New York City into Somalia?

The video presentation by The Five, a Fox News program, begins its evaluation with the presumption that Gov. Cuomo is “just acting like a tough guy when he knows he screwed up.” and “the temperature needs to be turned down on this talk a bit.”

These points are of course, absolutely correct. Cuomo is covering his derrière and any such rhetoric at any time is inflammatory and not constructive.

But imagine if governor after governor had denounced President Obama the way Mr. Trump is getting it? The media would doubtless be screaming “Treason!!” at the top of their lungs. Now? Not so much. Greg Gutfeld and Dana Perrino got it, as did Jessie Watters, who gave a litany of violence called for by Democrat and socialist leaders, as well as actions done or threatened against conservatives.

To date, there have not been any such recorded rhetoric by the President or any other Republican leader calling for, condoning or inciting, violence against any rioter, leftist, Democrat citizen, political figure or presidential candidate. Joe Biden himself evokes pity from many prominent Republicans, if anything because while they criticize him (as appropriate for the election season) on “failed policies” (much of this is true), the present situation is pathetic because as President policies will be enacted through Joe Biden, but he will not be the one making the decisions.

It is important to remember who is creating the violence. This time around, it is the people actually blaming President Trump for it.


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September 6, 2020

Italian vs Jewish Mafia. They have a lot of scores to settle, the Cuomos and the Fredos in general. They were outplayed.

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