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China, Wuhan pool party like it is 2019

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China “Parties Like It Is 2019” As Patrons Pack Pool Parties, Nightclubs & Bars From Wuhan To Beijing.

China “Parties Like It Is 2019” As Patrons Pack Pool Parties, Nightcubs & Bars From Wuhan To Beijing

A few weeks ago, we joked that the people of Wuhan were ‘partying at ground zero’ when a story about a massive pool party to celebrate the end of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak went viral around the world, eliciting frustrated reactions from public officials and social-distancing-obsessed “Karens”.

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September 10, 2020

Omg!!,it looks like a Petri dish ,all this while many countries still suffer lockdowns and a drastic change in norms ,such as wearing masks..I do believe China still has many questions to answer,but this should be done without racialising the issue,because the root cause of these zoonotic viruses lie with mans relationship to wildlife and the natural world in general,a case in point would be the rainforest in Brazil is being cut down at a incredible rate ,bringing humans into contact with strange animals unseen by most humans,and that could lead to parasite transmission to humans.

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