China Warns the United States

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When US State functionary Antony Blinken returned from China with his tail between whatever passed for his legs, he perhaps passed on to the invariably Incoherent One that he, Blinken, received a serious drubbing from China’s diplomats.

The issue however was not the US statesman’s inferiority complex manifested in reality by the persona of the functionary himself — ie Blinken — that riled and angered the supreme icon of America’s unreason, and not just the fact that China warned the USA about its perennial jingo-jackass hypocrisy.

So. What almost caused the Demented One to suffer another serious brain aneurysm? First, is the message that China will not allow Russia to fail in the Ukraine, because China has comprehensive valuable economic trade, financial, and military agreements (1) with Russia.

Second, to add insult to injury, China stated that it will continue its cooperative agreements with Cuba and that the US self-imposed Monroe Doctrine of antiquity is as relevant today as every other ‘treaty’ and agreement that the failed and former United States has ever failed to honour.

Foremost, the State functionary (Blinken) was clearly told during his 7.5 hour meeting with Qin Gang that China will not allow the failed and former United States to create another failed state on China’s border, with particular reference to discussions concerning Russia. But of course the US regime will not reveal the contents of these secret discussions.

Likewise, the former United States (2) understands that China supplies advanced optics, advanced communications gear, advanced circuit components, and other equipment to Russia. All defined as non-military in orgin; of course again, the lackeys within US State know the truth as well as anyone.

But. But.. what prompted the US Cardboard Cutout to go ballistic and call the PRC’s president “a Dictator”? And then, as an ‘official’ White House statement, reiterate the same when questioned? Biden’s stupid and ironic statement about China’s leader certainly relates to prompting by radical Neocon extremists who infest the halls of power in DC, just as they have terminally infested the Beltway and its environs for many decades, too.

Well. All of the above is a bit too much for a failing power. Most of the US populace still has zero idea about what’s being done in their name — and with their tax dollars — while the Huxleyization of the populace at large means they do not really care and would not care, even if they knew how the DC Axis of Evil truly operates. That’s one sector where Vanguard Group, BlackRock, State Street, and the Fed have had immense success with their CIA-administered major media.

Bottom line, is that for the first time in nearly eighty years, the United States is being told to pound sand, with some gravity to that potential pounding. And told that the US uni-polar moment is truly over and the “rules based order” means the US will be forced to play by other’s rules especially once the US dollar is done.

Ultimately, China states that it is now ready – with others – to challenge ‘The Blob”. To finally skewer the Blob and its m.o. of corruption, perversion, and massive hypocrisy, that has characterized US policy for decades.

And for now, intends to burn the Blob’s effigy – along perhaps eventually even its paper dollar – on the funeral pyre of history… along with the Neocon’s cardboard cutout, too?

Oh. The Dictator’s outrage…

1) With plausible deniabilty of course…!
2) Purported USA ruled by Coup d’etat since 22 NOV 1963


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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June 24, 2023

Hey, give Biden a break! He’s pushing hard for the “A$$hole of the Year” award, and doesn’t want to be blindsided by Zelensky.

June 24, 2023

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