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China & Russia Jointly Challenge US in Space

China & Russia Jointly Challenge US in Space
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The Flying Wallendas
The Flying Wallendas
May 4, 2021

I suspect that between the two of them, in a time of war America’s military satellites would last an hour tops.

Gearóıd Ó hAghmaıl
Gearóıd Ó hAghmaıl
May 5, 2021

That was a very poor effort altogether.
Your account of space exploration since Sputnik in 1957 was heavily “edited” and could have been from the Daily Telegraph thirty years ago. Ungenerous is the kindest I can say of it. Definitely not up to your usual standards but then we all biased one way or another.

Reply to  Gearóıd Ó hAghmaıl
May 6, 2021

This site is controlled opposition… It’s a disinformation campaign under the pretense of being a “truther” site. It’s a more polished version of the Alex Jones character. These two clowns on this site push Russia and Putin as the anti zionist, anti eugenicist. It’s extremely clear that he’s still in their pockets, although defies them sometimes like the Crimea incident, and protecting Syria for it’s natural gas interest and military training exercise. Russia has lockdowns, anodero vaccines and mask requirements just like zionist controlled governments. The admin of this site are shills for the establishment. Space travel is fake, astronauts… Read more »

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