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China joins Russia in calling for ‘investigation into alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria’

Yesterday The Duran published a comprehensive article on the deepening Chinese-Russian alliance.

Entering the G20 on Friday, it has now become obvious that Russia and China will form a united Eurasian front against the western US-EU bloc.

One topic that is sure to occupy much of the oxygen in the room during the conference, and many of the sideline talks, is Syria.

If there was any question as to where China stood on the Syria question, those questions have now been answered…China stands behind a sovereign and united Syria. China stands behind Assad.

According to a joint statement by Russian and Chinese leaders on the current international situation unfolding in Syria (as posted on the Kremlin’s official website)…

Russia and China called on all involved parties in Syria, “to support the efforts of the OPCW and the United Nations in investigating the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria,”

The joint statement made on Tuesday followed a high level meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Russia and China both “strongly condemn any use of chemical weapons anywhere and by anyone.”

“The sides emphasize that in matters of chemical weapons in Syria, all parties, with respect to Syrian sovereignty, must support the efforts of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons [OPCW] and relevant UN structures to conduct an independent and comprehensive investigation in order to obtain irrefutable evidence, establish genuine circumstances and draw conclusions that are capable of withstanding the verification by facts and time.”

The statement also follows the explosive, but mainstream media ignored, Seymour Hersh’s exposure of what really happened in Khan Sheikhoun, as posted on the German publication Welt.

Russia and China called for all entities operating in Syria to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation, as well as calling for a political solution to the Syria war through an inclusive dialogue.

“The parties underline the necessity of respecting the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic, call for settlement of the Syrian crisis in a political and diplomatic manner through broad intra-Syrian dialogue without any preconditions and external intervention, for a search for a political settlement option that matches the particular Syrian conditions and takes the concerns of all the parties to the conflict into account.”

Via Zerohedge

Meanwhile, going back to the original fake chemical attack that was used to justify the US ballistic missile strikes on Syria in April, Damascus has repeatedly denied any involvement in the incident and said that the Syrian government doesn’t possess chemical weapons as the full destruction of Damascus’ chemical weapons stockpile had been confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in January 2016.

So far the US has failed to explain why it refuses to accept the Syrian offer to investigate the airbase that served as the alleged source of the chemical attack, although one particular explanation is quite obvious to all. In any case, should Trump resort to another attack on Syria, once again using the fabricated excuse that Assad’s regime used chemical weapons, this time the US will have not only Russia but China as its foreign policy adversaries, as the global axes are becoming increasingly more distinct ahead of the next world war.

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