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China joins Russia in condemning new US sanctions over North Korea

China and Russia are on the same page regarding US sanctions and North Korea

China has made a statement condemning America’s most recent sanctions targeting individuals and entities in China and Russia alleged to be conducting business with North Korean entities.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying has stated,

“China opposes the imposition of unilateral sanctions outside the framework of the UN Security Council, especially the ‘long-arm jurisdiction’ imposed on Chinese entities or individuals by other countries in accordance with their domestic laws. Our position is clear and consistent”.

Earlier today Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov condemned the new sanctions saying,

“They cannot be adopted endlessly because the aim of the sanctions should be reaching a certain result – in this case, Pyongyang changing its behaviour in missile and nuclear sectors”.

He continued,

“[Sanctions] cannot change reality all by themselves, as they failed to change reality in the situations with Iran’s nuclear program.

What should be done to create prerequisites for a political compromise now, including between Pyongyang and Washington, is a separate issue, and the Security Council is definitely falling short in this sphere”.

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Both China and Russia remain committed to a joint peace plan for Korea which calls on North Korea to cease its missile tests while calling for South Korea and the United States to cease their own missile tests, military drills in the region and the delivery of THAAD missile systems from the US to Korean soil.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the US sees North Korea as a ‘sideshow’ as Steve Bannon himself stated shortly before leaving the White House under apparently acrimonious conditions.

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The real thrust of America’s meddling in East Asia, South East Asia and Eurasia is to try and disrupt China’s economic projects, most crucially the One Belt–One Road. As Russia and China are both key players in One Belt–One Road, American antagonism towards China and Russia is increasingly part of a single dishonest narrative.

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AM Hants
AM Hants
August 23, 2017

Does the US want to bring down the $USD as quickly as possible, because they are doing a very good job. Russia and China, who are turning away from the $USD and also trading with many other nations that have no desire to be blackmailed by the US or their currency. Each home goal the US scores, Russia and China, see no reason to wait for them to attempt to grow up. China – Remninbi is now being used as a reserve currency in the IMF. AIIB – many nations that can get a better deal either from BRICS Bank… Read more »

Reply to  AM Hants
August 24, 2017

Wherever the money is, there will the interests of power groups will be focused. With SWIFT you have access to a GLOBAL market with Russia’s and Chinese system not so much, so people will continue using SWIFT until there is a larger provider.

The USD is not the de-facto currency just because it is the number one reserve currency, it became that way because everything is quoted, appraised and sold in USD and while commodities continue to be quoted in USD, the USD will remain the preferred reserve currency, just for commercial purposes.

AM Hants
AM Hants
Reply to  santiago
August 24, 2017

However, with the US sanctioning all and sundry, how many nations will want the hassle of trading in $USD, at a later date?

August 23, 2017

The picture says it all. This is the price paid for having a President, Trump, with no political background. I expect Trump has to hire and fire another dozen advisers before he realizes he is actually in the White House.

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