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NEW VIDEO: Charlottesville ramming incident may have been accidental

New video footage has emerged which may point to the fact that the driver of a Dodge Challenger which rammed into a crowd of protesters, killing one, may have been a case of fright and flight rather than a premeditated act of violence.

The footage which is posted on the YoutTube channel Squawker Media throws doubt on the mainstream media narrative which has generally assumed that the action was committed by the driver with the malicious intent to cause harm.

The following clip shows the vehicle in question driving down the road at a slow speed while those beside it do not show any fear or otherwise noteworthy reaction.

Later, an individual is seen heaving a large objective at the vehicle and it was only then that the car speeds up.

This second video shows more clearly that an object was in fact hurled at the vehicle by an individual beside it before the car started to accelerate.

A final video shows scenes that were previously released of the vehicle reversing back down the street at a relatively high speed (consider cars only have one reverse gear).

When taken in context with the previous videos, it could be reasonably assumed that the man reversed his car at high-speed in order to escape the mob which he may have been trying to escape in the first place.

The new videos are by no means conclusive evidence proving that the entire incident was accidental rather than intention but by the same token, these new videos serve as an important reminder that previous videos used by various media outlets to claim the incident was an intentional act of violence are also speaking from a totally inconclusive perspective.

The truth might only come out after a lengthy investigation.

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