“Champion for Women” lawyer Lisa Bloom character assassinated women who tried to expose Weinstein (Video)

Lisa Bloom exposed as fraud who defended Harvey Weinstein.

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TMZ claims that while working for disgraced hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein, Bloom actively investigated Rose McGowan and looked into compromising information pertaining to Italian model Ambra Battilana.

“Feminist” lawyer Bloom, was also part of the team that recorded at least one victim according to sources.

Bloom’s goal according to the report was to kill stories about Weinstein, and she was reportedly very active in trying to halt articles about Weinstein by The New York Times and NBC.

According to the Daily Mail UK, Bloom was unsuccessful on both counts, with the Times publishing two exposes in addition to over 20 other articles about the scandal and the NBC report being taken to The New Yorker when executives passed on the project.

The report claims that McGowan was ‘actively investigated’ by Bloom beginning in July while documents from Italy were gathered in hopes of discrediting Battilana from speaking to the media.

Those two women ended up being front and center in both exposes, despite neither breaking their NDA to speak to the outlets.

It is unclear when Bloom began working for Weinstein, but it appears to have been at some point late last year.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson exposes the liberal left feminist lawyer as nothing more than a glorified hollywood ambulance chaser for the rich and sexually deviant.

The Daily Beast reports…

Ronan Farrow was stunned and disgusted early this year when famed feminist lawyer Lisa Bloom phoned him, in the midst of his investigation for NBC News of widespread allegations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein, and offered to share opposition research on one of Weinstein’s accusers.

“I don’t know if you’ve talked to Rose McGowan, but we have files on her and her… history,” Bloom told Farrow, according to knowledgeable sources inside and outside NBC.

Farrow declined to comment for this story.

Bloom was referring to the star of the 1996 Weinstein-produced hit horror movie Scream, who had indeed given Farrow an on-camera interview (and later withdrew her participation out of fear of being sued for violating a non-disclosure agreement that had come with a $100,000 settlement from Weinstein); since then McGowan has alleged publicly that the movie mogul raped her at the Sundance Film Festival in 1997.

Bloom, citing attorney-client privilege, declined to comment on her interactions with Farrow on behalf of Weinstein.

“I don’t have any comment on anything related to Harvey Weinstein. I am not authorized to answer any further questions to any reporter about Harvey Weinstein,” Bloom told The Daily Beast, never mind that until last week, she had been voluble on the subject, telling BuzzFeed that her decision to aid the disgraced studio chief was “a colossal mistake” and lamenting to the Los Angeles Times, “I feel very bad, because so many people have said that they really looked up to me as this champion for women… and it’s hurtful to them. I’m sorry.”

It is extremely unusual, several lawyers told The Daily Beast, for an attorney to publicly quit a high-profile client, as Bloom did two weeks ago, and then repeatedly critique that client in the media.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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October 29, 2017

the festering stinking ulcers of alien implanted subanimalistic systematic abuse are bursting open into the faces (noses) of the demoralized , demented , identity-castrated , immunocompromised people(s). Look at global child abuse +++.

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