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Capitol Consecrated to Jesus

January 6, 2020 ( LifeSiteNews) – Leo Kelly was one of the first men to breach the Capitol building and go inside with dozens of others. In this exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews correspondent Jim Hale, Leo talks about his conflicted feelings about what he did, and why he felt it was necessary.

In an exclusive interview by Life Site News, Leo Kelly, one of the first protestors to enter the capital building today, claims that he and several other men chose to consecrate the chambers to Jesus.  He says that he ran out of options: the systems in this country are no longer functioning. Courts won’t look at evidence of massive election fraud, legislators do not enforce the laws in their states, Congressmen ignore the will of the people… So, he made “an appeal to Heaven.”

Watch his humble and thoughtful interview here, and prepare to be blown away:

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