Can Donald Trump trust the Secret Service to keep him safe?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodies is a Latin phrase meaning, who will guard the guards? Much has been said about Trump’s need to ‘watch his back’ do to his high level enemies in the deep state. As with many other solutions Trump has found in order to help go directly to the people rather than rely on mainstream media, similar methods can be used and ought to be explored when it comes to providing Trump’s personal security.

Because of Trump’s take charge attitude towards traditional political and intelligence norms, I wouldn’t put it past him to at some point, bring in his own private security detail and make the necessary steps to integrate them into the existing Presidential Secret Service.

The people I would go to are high ranking, morally upstanding members of the National Rifle Association. The NRA supported Trump early on in the Republican primary when other stalwart Republican organisations were reticent to get behind the dark horse with orange hair.

Such individuals who are firearms experts, many whom have studied security operations for many years, would make the ideal private detail for Trump. Because of their personal loyalty to Trump and the fact that many if not most are totally uncompromised by the at times shady working practices of the deep state, they could ‘guard the guards’ without fear or favour.

Traditionally, the idea that a US President would need to question the loyalty of his state appointed security would seem conspiratorial and absurd. But with mainstream media outlets fawning over each other when debating ways to legally remove Trump from office and other anti-Trump websites talking about much worse (think JFK), what once may have been rightly viewed as an absurdity, now ought to be seen as a pragmatic and cost effective proposal.

The Second Amendment itself, which the NRA is a pressure group in support of, has recently transformed from the idea that one has the right to bear arms, based on the 18th century need for ordinary Americans to be ready to take up arms against insurrections, including foreign plots, into something more direct.

Today, with US and foreign intelligence agencies conspiring to discredit Trump, this abstract and perhaps antiquated idea of the need for a peoples’ militia, has suddenly become relevant. Hopefully this theory will never need to be put into practice, but the fact that many commentators from all ideological and editorial perspectives are discussing it, says a great deal about just how much American politics has changed so much, so recently.

Trump needs to rely on his true allies if his Presidency is to be a success. When it comes to armed security, I can think of no truer ally than the NRA.

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