Busted! Egyptian bus driver got quite a shock after trying to cheat a urine test

Not the best way to find out your about to become a father (hopefully it’s yours), but this Egyptian bus driver got quite a shock after trying to cheat a urine test.

The BBC reports:

The man had been selected for a standard drugs test along with other public bus drivers, but did not submit his own urine sample, instead using his wife’s, the Al-Yawm al-Sabi website reports. What he didn’t know was that his wife was two months pregnant. Before revealing the news, officials asked the driver to confirm the sample was in fact his own,according to Tamer Amin, a presenter on the political talk show Bottom Line. After the driver said it was, the officials reportedly responded: “Congratulations, you’re pregnant.”

“This story despite being funny has several lessons,” Mr Amin says. “First, that drugs have become available to many and have become as common as cigarettes. This is a calamity.” In future, the transport authority will require a blood test as well as urine tests to prevent people giving fake samples, a source at the Public Transportation Authority Hospital tells Al-Yawm al-Sabi.


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