BUSTED: CNN producer admits Russiagate is FAKE NEWS

He said that it was purely a manipulative stunt for higher ratings.

Undercover journalist James O’Keeff from Project Veritas has recorded senior CNN producer John Bonifield who admitted that the Russagate ‘scandal’ is “bullshit” and that furthermore it was merely concocted to increase ratings for CNN. According to Bonifield the plan has worked.

The CNN producer even compared the actions of CNN to that of the CIA saying that both CNN and the CIA are trying to “manipulate governments”.

Now watch the clip where Bonifield spills the beans on the fake news Russiagate fiasco.

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Isabella Jones
Isabella Jones
June 27, 2017

Truth is the daughter of Time.
Sooner or later, it comes out. You can’t fly in the face of reality for ever.

Scott Robinson
Scott Robinson
June 27, 2017

If Zucker had a shred of honour he would step down. (Don’t hold your breath). Can the board of CNN do a “Travis Kalanick” on Zucker, or are they equally rotten?

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