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Businesses who are supporting the Antifa and BLM riots [Video]

“If major companies consider supporting violent rioters and looters good for their bottom line, your cause isn’t oppressed.”

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

We want to give a hat tip to Ashley Rae Goldenberg, who posted the following piece on Medium. Ms Goldberg lists 279 companies who are on record as supporting Black Lives Matter / Antifa / protesters / riots. This is so that the public can make informed decisions about what businesses to patronize, especially if said public does NOT support the rioting and the extremely left-leaning elitism on display. For many of us, the propensity of leftist activists to use anything, even the death of a man, to promote their views is disgusting. A good way for businesses to discover this and get their alignment right is to boycott them.

The list includes an archive link that shows what the company named actually said. One can exercise their own good judgement about what they wish to support through their dollars.

So, here is the list, and what Ashley has to say about it, with our own emphasis added.

Hi! This is a list of all of the “woke” companies (and brands) that are supporting violent protests across the United States. Despite the chaos, destruction, and deaths, “woke” companies across the country have still come out in support of #BlackLivesMatter, Antifa terrorists, and general criminals.

Please consider using this list to guide in what businesses you wish to support. Please also consider using this list the next time someone makes the argument that we are living in a white supremacist country with institutionalized racism. If major companies consider supporting violent rioters and looters good for their bottom line, your cause isn’t oppressed.

To keep this list from becoming unwieldy, I’m only including one statement per company. Many of these companies have issued multiple statements in support of the insurrection across the country, some even fighting in the comments section with fans, but it’s overwhelming as it is.

Please feel free to contact me on Twitter if you find anything you’d like to contribute to this list. I’m more likely to see your contribution to this list if you follow and tweet at me or DM me directly. If you found this list useful, please consider making a contribution (via PayPal or Patreon for now) to help me out. You are under no obligation, but I am an investigative reporter out of work, which is why I have enough time to make this list and continuously update it.

*A note on some of the comments I’ve received: quite a few of the statements are generic “racism is bad” statements. That is true. However, these companies would not be coming out with any public statements about racism, and especially not any public statements declaring “Black Lives Matter,” if not for the current riots occurring now all around the world. The timing is not a mere coincidence. Therefore, when a company posts that it is in “solidarity” with the black community now, the company actually means solidarity with the riots.

**If you are using Firefox, the archive links may not work for you. Please consider switching to Brave, a preferred browser created by a fellow thought criminal.

Thank you.

Companies defending the rioters:

  1. 23andme:
  2. 72andSunny:
  3. AbbVie:
  4. Abbey Road Studios:
  5. The Academy (the Oscars):
  6. Activision Blizzard:
  7. Adidas:
  8. Airbnb:
  9. Alaska Airlines:
  10. Amazon:
  11. AMD:
  12. American Airlines:
  13. American Express:
  14. American Apparel:
  15. Apple Music:
  16. Ancestry:
  17. Armani:
  18. Astro Gaming:
  19. AT&T:
  20. Atlantic Records:
  21. AWS:
  22. AXE:
  23. Barclays Bank:
  24. Barnes & Noble:
  25. Bandcamp:
  26. Bank of America:
  27. Bayer:
  28. Bergdorf Goodman:
  29. Bethesda:
  30. Ben & Jerry’s:
  31. Billboard:
  32. BMW:
  33. BP:
  35. Boost Mobile:
  36. Bratz:
  37. Burger King:
  38. Bungie:
  39. Burberry:
  40. Burt’s Bees:
  41. Cadillac:
  42. Call of Duty:
  43. Capcom:
  44. Capitol Records:
  45. Canada Goose:
  46. Cartoon Network:
  48. Chick-fil-A:
  49. Chipotle:
  50. Chips Ahoy:
  51. Cisco:
  52. Citigroup:
  53. Coca Cola:
  54. Colourpop Cosmetics:
  55. Conde Nast:
  56. Converse:
  57. CORSAIR:
  58. Creative Commons:
  59. Criterion Collection:
  60. Crunchyroll:
  61. CW:
  62. CVS:
  63. DHL Express:
  64. Dell:
  65. Degree:
  66. Devolver Digital:
  67. DIRECTV:
  68. Discord:
  69. Disney:
  70. Dollar Shave Club:
  71. Doritos:
  72. DoorDash:
  73. Doulingo:
  74. Dribbble:
  75. Dropbox:
  76. E! News:
  77. EA:
  78. Eaton:
  79. eBay:
  80. Eight Sleep:
  81. ESPN:
  82. Etsy:
  83. FedEx:
  84. Fender:
  85. Figma:
  86. FILA:
  87. Fitbit:
  88. Foot Locker:
  89. Formula 1:
  90. FOX:
  91. Frosted Mini Wheats:
  92. Funimation:
  93. GameSpot:
  94. Gartner:
  95. Gatorade:
  96. Genentech:
  97. General Motors:
  98. Gibson:
  99. Glossier:
  100. GoDaddy:
  101. Goldman Sachs:
  102. GoFundMe:
  103. Google:
  104. GoPro:
  105. Gorilla Glue:
  106. Grammarly:
  107. Grindr:
  108. Guerilla Collective:
  109. Gumroad:
  110. Gushers:
  111. Habitat for Humanity:
  112. Harry’s:
  113. HBO:
  114. HBO Max:
  115. Headup:
  116. Help Scout:
  117. Hershey’s:
  118. H&M:
  119. Home Depot:
  120. Honda:
  121. HP:
  122. Hulu:
  123. Humana:
  124. Humble Bundle:
  125. HyperX:
  126. IBM:
  127. IKEA:
  128. IMAX:
  129. Indiegogo:
  131. Intel:
  132. Invision:
  133. ITV:
  134. Kickstarter:
  135. Lacoste:
  136. Lego:
  137. Levi’s:
  138. Lenovo:
  139. Lexus:
  140. LinkedIn:
  141. L’Oreal Paris:
  142. Logitech:
  143. Lowe’s:
  144. Lucky Brand:
  145. Lululemon:
  146. Lumosity:
  147. Louis Vuitton:
  148. Lyft:
  149. Madden NFL 20:
  150. Marvel Entertainment:
  151. Mastercard:
  152. MATTEL:
  153. McAfee:
  154. McDonald’s:
  155. Merck:
  156. Mercedes Benz:
  157. Met Life:
  158. Metropolitan Opera:
  159. Microsoft:
  160. MOD Pizza:
  161. Mozilla:
  162. Napster:
  163. NASCAR:
  164. Ncsoft:
  165. Netflix:
  166. New Balance:
  167. New York Life:
  168. NFL:
  169. NHL:
  170. Niantic:
  171. Nickelodeon:
  172. Nike:
  173. Nintendo:
  174. Nordstrom:
  175. North Face:
  176. Old Spice:
  177. OnlyFans:
  178. Oreo:
  179. Paramount Pictures:
  180. Paramount Network:
  181. Patreon:
  182. Peloton:
  183. Pepsi Co:
  184. Pfizer Inc:
  185. Playstation:
  186. Plex:
  187. Pokemon:
  188. Popeye’s Chicken:
  189. Pop-Tarts:
  190. Pornhub:
  191. Porsche:
  192. Pringles:
  193. Procter & Gamble:
  194. Puget Systems:
  195. PUMA:
  196. Pusheen:
  197. Qualcomm:
  198. Quicken Loans:
  199. Reddit:
  200. RedHat:
  201. Red Lobster:
  202. Red Wing:
  203. Reebok:
  204. Reese’s:
  205. Rice Krispies:
  206. Riot Games:
  207. Ritz:
  208. Rockstar Games:
  209. Salesforce:
  210. Sanofi:
  211. Scholastic:
  212. Sega:
  213. Sesame Street:
  214. Society Generale US:
  215. Showtime:
  216. Sketch:
  217. Slack:
  218. Sephora:
  219. Shopify:
  220. Skillshare:
  221. Snap:
  222. Snapchat:
  223. Sony:
  224. Soundcloud:
  225. Spotify:
  226. Square Enix:
  227. STARZ:
  228. Starbucks:
  229. Star Wars:
  230. Subway:
  231. Supreme New York:
  232. Sysco Corporation:
  233. Taco Bell:
  234. Target:
  235. TBS:
  236. Tesco:
  237. Thatgamecompany:
  238. Ticketmaster:
  239. Tide:
  240. TikTok:
  241. Timberland:
  242. Tinder:
  243. TMobile:
  244. Trident:
  245. Tumblr:
  246. Twitch:
  247. Twitter:
  248. Uber:
  249. Uber Eats:
  250. Ubisoft:
  251. Ugg:
  252. Ulta Beauty:
  253. Under Armor:
  254. UnitedHealth Group:
  255. Vanguard:
  256. Vans:
  257. VeggieTales:
  258. Verizon:
  259. VERSACE:
  260. Vevo:
  261. Via:
  262. ViacomCBS:
  263. Virgin Records:
  264. Virta:
  265. VIZ:
  266. Vivaldi:
  267. Wal Mart:
  268. Warner Bros
  269. Warner Records:
  270. Well’s Fargo:
  271. Wendy’s:
  272. WeWork:
  273. XBox:
  274. Yamaha Music USA:
  275. Yelp:
  276. YouTube:
  277. Zara:
  278. Zildijian:
  279. Zoom:

The news cycle over the last two weeks made a magic switch from coronavirus to the reopening of states to the so-called “George Floyd” riots. As has been written earlier, one of the great travesties about the killing of Mr. Floyd is that the first medical examiner report found no signs of death by asphyxiation at all, which is the primary story being circulated through most media outlets – not just liberal ones, but Fox, and even Dr Steve Turley’s video broadcasts.

For the most part, I believe that this common “acknowledgement of tragedy” is kind of a way to save face and to appear kind and compassionate. However, there are certainly those of us who feel and perceive that this was not at all a killing by a brutal cop, but something else.

The presence of fentanyl and methamphetamine discovered in Mr. Floyd’s body and the long pause in the police vehicle suggest a different story entirely – one of drug-induced physical fighting, perhaps, or out-of-control behavior that might have followed the same pattern as Michael Brown’s attacking police officer Darren Wilson, leading to Officer Wilson’s shooting Brown dead in self-defense. This same pattern was also how the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman altercation was eventually recognized to be – that these were NOT unarmed black men getting gunned down by brutal white police officers, but quite the opposite.

While no one knows for sure yet about George Floyd, the whole media and nation talks about marching and demonstrating, reducing the police force (a completely insane idea), and to that, a number of retailers have joined in, pledging their support for afficted blacks everywhere. This is largely a marketing wave: if a company appears to be expressing compassion for Mr. Floyd et al, then that company will attract customers. This of course may also be a feeble attempt at self-defense, where the company is trying to say “leave me alone! I support you! Leave me alone” This did not work for CNN at all.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

What do you think?

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June 8, 2020

Nice work. Wonder if they’ll be quite so enthusiastic when the rioters turn their anger on them.

Michel Guzzetta
Michel Guzzetta
Reply to  TheDarkMan
June 17, 2020

I believe these company’s had no idea that they were donating to a very cleverly named new
Political party…. Black Lives Matter! They donate out of fake guilt!

Joey Hitler
Joey Hitler
Reply to  Michel Guzzetta
July 3, 2020

It’s all about thee “club” – sycophants to their masters wishes.
Don’t make them mad or (((they’ll))) drop yor A$$E$!!!

Reply to  Michel Guzzetta
August 20, 2020

Terrorist group!!

Reply to  Michel Guzzetta
February 7, 2021

Dumbass crackers.

Reply to  TheDarkMan
June 19, 2020

Fitbit are on the list (they just sent me an email). I’m going to have to throw my Fitbit away & buy a rival product.

'Parubiy's Snipers' Heavy Metal Group
'Parubiy's Snipers' Heavy Metal Group
June 8, 2020

Why aren’t the Canadian and British Embassies giving safe haven to the antifa crowd and supplying them with gasoline for their molotov cocktails? Do they just do it for fascist rioters? I should think they’d be equal opportunity enablers.

Reply to  'Parubiy's Snipers' Heavy Metal Group
November 7, 2020

Don’t worry ,,,twit…….,the right has just begun to riot.

June 8, 2020

Add Keen footwear, I got a disturbing “fold and take a knee” email from them. Jist of it was they were too white, (you’re fired whitey, sorry) as a company and they are going to “fix” that!

Last edited 3 years ago by Hawaiiguy
Reply to  Hawaiiguy
June 19, 2020

I’ll take a knee to nobody except God. If The almighty happens to be black I’ll still take a knee to God(I don’t believe that I’m racist). Still proud of what I am as should everybody.
Don’t be weak & don’t cave in to the lefties who took over the BLM protests.

June 8, 2020

Not sure what CNN called the attack on its HQ but I know they’ve refused to use the word “riot” on any of there webpage content covering, the “Riots” I checked and between them and Msnbc there was 1 instance of the word riot, and it was an accusation a cop used it in a sentence.

Reply to  Hawaiiguy
July 3, 2020

The attack on CNN was staged, watch the video over and over, slow it down. The arrest of the CNN commie report being arrested, was staged also.

June 8, 2020

Antifa have already been named a Terrorist organisation in the United States. Some of these despicable Companies are walking on thin ice, and could find themselves charged with Supporting a Terrorist Organisation. Hopefully the narcissist Donald Trump also designates Black Lives Matter as a Terrorist organisation, because that is exactly what they are. 

Reply to  Crass
July 4, 2020

You just pointed out that a politician is a narcissist. Might you also point out that water is wet, while you’re still experiencing this ephemeral moment of clarity?

Susan Rarick
Susan Rarick
June 9, 2020

When I was just 7 my Godfather (A prominent Lawyer) told me when I asked about politics that you should always donate to both parties. Both the winner and loser appreciate your support.
Sadly they are just doing good business. (Nobody said morals in business were needed)

Last edited 3 years ago by Susan Rarick
Ha ha
Ha ha
Reply to  Susan Rarick
July 3, 2020

You’re an idiot, this is every company in the country! Amazon?? I’m rolling on the floor.

Terry R
Terry R
June 9, 2020

One type of business noticeably absent was insurers…..Every vehicle burnt out, every window broken, every shop ransacked and looted and in extreme cases entire buildings targeted by arsonists will create a nightmare for the insurance industry.

mickey d
July 3, 2020

Patriots need to avoid large companies as much as possible and find small companies to fill your needs.This is one path to the redemption of our country.

David H Mende
David H Mende
July 3, 2020

So these companies are paying Black Thugs to murder good White people and burn American cities? Heh? Go figure. So, who am I supposed to shoot?

Ken Stone
Ken Stone
Reply to  David H Mende
July 3, 2020

So why would the cops not shoot someone that threw an explosive at them?,are you kidding me! like did you leave your gun at home?, I’m all for cops shooting people in these viloent

situations what the hell is going on when you dont have strength in your police force

abinico warez
abinico warez
July 4, 2020

Would it not be easier to list the companies that do not support antifag.

Marilyn Patriot
Marilyn Patriot
July 4, 2020

This worse than I thought the companies we support are as bad as the Anarchistic people who would destroy us!!!! I will make conscious effort to not support them as every american should stop their support.

Leanne DeCoste
Leanne DeCoste
July 4, 2020

So basically – just looking through your list – All of these corporations are donating money to BLM is actually making political donations to the Democrat party since BlueAct manages their monetary funding raising and it is found in their website that they support the Democrat party. Perhaps conservatives/GOP should be requesting that they remain unbiased in their political party support – do not donate – or donate to both parties.

David Allen
David Allen
Reply to  Leanne DeCoste
July 4, 2020

Leanne —– You, along with most of the people of the world are sadly misinformed —–Government and their minions (mainstream media/politicians) ARE THE PROBLEM along with these sick deluded fools (Antifa/BLM) . EVERY government that HAS EVER EXISTED is illegitimate and DOESN’T care about you or your fellow “citizens” also known as slaves. We are under a paper occupation by a for profit corporation known as “the Federal Government” and have been for 87 years and have been made enemies of the state under the Trading with the Enemy Act —- none of what you think you “know” is correct… Read more »

July 5, 2020

Abbie Vie and Wendy’s are owned by George Soros just part of his conglomeration of businesses. The businesses are not evil its the owners who have more money than a fool knows what to do with who are evil. These owners are the ones who need to answer for their crimes, or the crime that they pay for. George Soros and his sons and family are traitors, like Obama, Pelosi and Biden, Gates, Nike, Hollywood and a miriade of others. They need to be tried and judged by the People of the United States for sedition and subversive actions toward… Read more »

David William Buckland
David William Buckland
July 5, 2020

I am completely appalled at the inequity caused by the total shutdown of society, followed by this sudden groundswell of rioting and protests! I think police departments, mayors, and governors who allow this behavior are egregiously out of touch with every aspect of their duty as administrators & protectors of society! I think corporations are WOEFULLY misled in their support of such activity. I know it’s radical, but I think the rioters need to suffer consequences in line with the effects of their actions; in other words, severe bodily harm which will affect them the rest of their lives, such… Read more »

April Kiessling
April Kiessling
Reply to  David William Buckland
October 16, 2020

Your thoughts are not “radical” they are just.

July 5, 2020

Half of these aren’t even companies, they’re individual items…wtf???

Delmer Eldred
July 9, 2020

Thank you for providing this list. I hope they feel proud when they see cities burning and people dying by the groups that they support. That wealth that they have came from hard working Americans. Not professional rioters.

July 9, 2020


July 11, 2020

I applaud your efforts and what seems to be your intention in publishing this. However, I randomly checked one of your links – Bank of America – and the statement they make is that they are dedicated money to help inequality and the communities hurt the most from the pandemic. We know these are minority communities. There is NOTHING in the Bank of America’s statement that they support antifa, BLM, riots or anything of that nature. Slanting the data in this way does not help and certainly does not achieve what I thought you were trying to when I started… Read more »

Reply to  KARI J WISE
August 15, 2020

They are supporting “minority” communities “only” in their fund… A truly racist example… I don’t care if it’s not directly associated with “anything of the nature”… Funds are bound to “leak” over… You’re like the many sheeple who miss the point… Leaving others out is racism.

April Kiessling
April Kiessling
Reply to  KARI J WISE
October 16, 2020

If they do this is answer to BLM extortionists interrogating (threatening) them- then it is support. Esp if it is recent.

The future
The future
July 20, 2020

What a shame the people involved in giving money up to people that could not give a rats ass about the rest of us where were all the company’s when i needed to pay for my wife s cancer treatments ,you company’s are just doing this for window dressing now, just like the Hollywood actors, singers washed up but need some attention. Just like the NFL you gutless organized flop Its all going to bite the United states of America on the ass and all will feel it ,remember one thing he or she will raise his or her head… Read more »

July 24, 2020

I wonder if these companies contribute as much to organizations that promote free markets ( as they donate to organizations than are bent on destruction of the economy.

April Kiessling
April Kiessling
Reply to  Trog
October 16, 2020

No if they are cowardly enough to submit to BLM/Antifa threats, they will continue following their leftist mob’s orders.

Ted Ludden
Ted Ludden
July 28, 2020

It’s an admirable work you folks have done and while I along with many other Christians, conservatives, veterans and patriots disagree with who these companies choose to support I’m not certain boycotting is the answer. If we boycotted all the companies that support BLM, Antifa, planned parenthood, and militant like LGBT causes we would have to go live in a cave somewhere. We would be better off just teaching conservative ideals and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

April Kiessling
April Kiessling
Reply to  Ted Ludden
October 16, 2020

You can try. I’ve dropped insurance, entertainment, coffee shops (Starbucks), phone companies, and other corps years back bc of anti-family and anti-christian hate. I try to avoid others, like Michael’s and Home Depot, pushing gay everything years before gay marriage edict. It is better to make or find a list of cop

August 4, 2020

Support Duran on “Patreon”???… They’re part of the problem.

August 6, 2020

CHASE Bank is not in the list yet I read they have been systematically closing down Conservatives and Right wing personal and business accounts. Click on: Link

The Moon
The Moon
August 16, 2020

All of those businesses just made my permanent boycott list

Reply to  The Moon
November 7, 2020

Mine also.

August 20, 2020

thanks for the info – i’ll stop spending my money on all these companies and putting energy in motivating everyone around me to join in this fight against this unethical behaviour that ONLY promotes and increases racism and inequality!

April Kiessling
April Kiessling
Reply to  Michael
October 16, 2020

This is ugly and won’t help anything, but give rioters and killers ammunition

David Phartwinkle
David Phartwinkle
August 23, 2020

Have they paid attention to what licking BLM’s bottom and feet has gotten them? Their stores are still looted and burned. You can negotiate all you want with a vicious savage animal; you can tell him you love him and support him. When he’s ready, he’s still going to EAT YOU and laugh as you die. You can devote a whole political party to pandering to savages, you can hire Press prostitutes to wh0re for them every news cast. But savage thugs will keep right on thugging.

  • Like
Last edited 3 years ago by David Phartwinkle
Miguel Ramos
Miguel Ramos
August 23, 2020

You forgot MLB and NBA

August 25, 2020

whats the beef with firefox? works just fine and is really the only capable browser not associated with google. Just saying. Not saying don’t use brave but FF is at least as good as any chromium base

Jan ponson
Jan ponson
August 27, 2020

You forgot Kellogs😏

September 7, 2020

You can add Amazon and Banana Republic to the list of companies supporting Black Lives Matter domestic Communist terrorists.

Mike R.
Mike R.
September 18, 2020

I would have figured that Target of all companies would not support the looting of their stores. Maybe with insurance they will have the best sales year ever….

Last edited 3 years ago by Mike R.
November 7, 2020

It always amazes me how American companies always line up with blacks, communists, and foreigners in political circles. The people that do the best job for them,…the people who bought their products through the years to make them successful are white yet the quickly forget about us. We need to stop buying these products and quit buying period unless we really need to. We are feeding the lion that will eat us as soon as he is able. If we started a “white lives matter” organization would these (white) companies back us. Whites need to get into the streets and… Read more »

February 7, 2021

Companies supporting a group that is against fascism!?!?!?! The horror….

Jeanie Loiacono
Jeanie Loiacono
February 26, 2021
Rate this article :

She is so right. Why purchase from or use companies that want to DESTROY America? They are mostly in America but owned by other countries. What? Yeah! We no longer do FaceBook, Twitter, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s, and a whole lot more. We buy directly from the manufacturer and look to see if it is in the USA beforehand. WE NEED TRUMP BACK!

April 15, 2021

Fuck you

Operation ‘Occupy White House’ Enters Final Act

US jobs report CRUSHES regime change operation (Video)