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1984 has arrived: British university bans basic English vocabulary

Zero Hedge has reported that Britain’s Cardiff Metropolitan University is trying to force its version of Orwellian Newspeak on its students.

Excerpts from the list are as follows:

stupid chart

Some of the terms are downright patronising towards females, as there is an implication that women are too stupid to understand that the ‘man in the street’ could be any human being or that ‘manning the desk’ is a task that could be fulfilled by any individual, whether male, female, old or young.

One is an assault on Christianity (‘forename’ rather than Christian name).

But the two most ludicrous are:

  1. Same Sex for Homosexual: Whoever wrote this list hasn’t even been able to comprehend the most rudimentary elements of  Greek. Homo simply means same and sexual means…well…sexual. Is Greek etymology now offensive too?
  2. Fairness for Sportsmanship. What is wrong with sports? I would like to know who is offended by athletics, football, tennis, hockey, basketball or boxing? Furthermore, the terms mean something different. Sportsmanship implies losing with honour and magnanimity, fairness implies an equal playing field where all people are subject to the same, reasonable rules.

Far from trying to distort reality and getting basic universal facts totally wrong, this list is yet another example of the cultural Marxist war not just on culture, but on reality.

For shame!

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