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Britain’s MI6 chief is spreading fake news about Syria (VIDEO)

In his first major public address since becoming the head of Britain’s MI6 in 2014, Alex Younger has proved that he is young at heart. One would have to indeed be young and foolish to say that Syria and Russia’s war against Islamic extremism will breed more Islamic extremism when it is doing exactly the opposite.

But this is what he has said, and what’s more, he claimed that the lives of people in Britain will be endangered by the continued victories achieved by Syria and Russia against Wahhabist terrorists. This is laughable as one of the reasons that the British and US governments offered to justify the war on Iraq was to curtail the spread of Islamic terrorism.

The illogic of these positions, when followed through to its nominal extent goes as follows: By invading countries which do not have nor encourage terrorism, one is protecting the West against terrorism. Inversely, by aiding a secular state in its fight against radical Islamic terrorism, Russia is somehow helping to spread terrorism. Something clearly doesn’t compute over at MI6.

The truth of the matter is that by fighting Wahhbist terrorism in what has become its global epicenter, Syria and her allies are helping to once and for all put an end to this plague on humanity. Britain’s role of arming and funding terrorists who seek to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria is counterproductive in every sense. It emboldens terrorists across the world, including their sympathizers in Britain.

I am talking about the terrorist sympathisers sitting in a filthy flat making a bomb, not the terrorist sympathisers in the UK Parliament chanting ‘Assad must go’ and shipping weapons to terrorist controlled regions of Syria.

The world owes a debt of gratitude to the forces in Syria fighting terrorism, and anyone who heads an intelligence agency ought to have enough of a modicum of intelligence to realise this. By totally inverting the truth, Alex Younger has done something worse than simply offer an ill-informed opinion. He has spread ‘fake news’.

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