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BREXIT: British PM signs the longest handwritten divorce letter in history

An old English aphorism says that ‘British elections are the lull before the lull’. Increasingly, the Brexit process is conforming to this notion.

Hours ago, the British Prime Minister signed what can now be termed the longest letter of intent in history. The letter, whose text is still unknown, declares Britain’s formal request to withdraw from the EU; the triggering of Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty.

But like many stated goals by politicians, it is unclear how the process will pan out and many are even questioning if the process will even be satisfactorily completed in the allotted two year negotiation period.

Frankly, because this is new territory for both London and Brussels, it remains a distinct possibility that things could drag on or be delayed further. The reason that Mr. Brexit, Nigel Farage is so insistent om Brexit be completed as soon as possible, is because he is all too aware that the European Union has a way of slowing things down. The lethargic attitude of many UK politicians is tailor made for the swings and roundabouts of EU promise breaking and deal delaying.

But these points are not the main issue.

The EU is run by a clique, some would say a cartel of leaders who worship at the altar of neo-liberal economics. The same is true of mainstream British politicians.

The EU is hellbent on a grand unified foreign policy designed to provoke Russia, antagonise the Arab world, exploit Africa, toy with Latin America and ignore or annoy the great East Asian powers.  Ultimately, EU foreign policy is totally submissive to Washington. If President Trump loses interest in turning the EU into the 51st state, if anything, the EU may go even more rogue in pursuit of the crazed ideologically driven foreign policies that Donald Trump appears to want to disassociate himself from.

The EU has no time for patriotic conservative movements that challenge the mainstream narrative on identity politics, the nature of the ‘refugee crisis’, or the decline of Christianity. The EU is far more concerned with rights for obscure sectarian groups than it is with preserving tradition. The exact same thing is true in the British Parliament.

Likewise, the EU is opposed to state nationalisation of industry. So too is the British government.

So  congratulations to both Brussels and London, this is the beginning of what will likely be a tense negotiating process and possibly an expensive one. The end result for Britain will be a neo-liberal European style government under a big British, or possibly a kind of  English/Welsh flag.

There is much ado and thus far it is about nothing. It will take at least a generation for both Britain and the EU to move away from their totally failed, anti-democratic and dangerous policies. I suppose Britain is a European country after all…or is it American?

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