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USS John McCain collides with oil tanker near Singapore–substantial damage and 10 sailors reported missing

This is the third major crash of US Navy vessels in Asia in three months.

The guided-missile destroyer USS John McCain (named for the current Senator’s father and grandfather) has collided with an oil tanker near the cost of Singapore.

The ship sustained heavy damage which has resulted in the injuries of 5 US sailors. Currently, 10 US sailors are missing.

The United States Navy has issued the following statement about the crash:

The USS John McCain had previously run into trouble when it violated Chinese territorial waters in the South China Sea while heading towards Korean waters during the height of recent tensions between Washington and Pyongyang.

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According to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore,

““There is no report of oil pollution and traffic in the Singapore Strait is unaffected”.

Donald Trump has issued the following statement about the incident.

Singapore has confirmed that it is assisting the US with search and rescue efforts.

This is the third US ship to be involved in a major collision in Asian waters in  three months. On 17 June the USS Fitzgerald destroyer collided with a container ship from Philippines off the coast of Japan, an incident which killed seven men, while in May of this year the USS Lake Champlain crashed into a South Korean fishing boat.

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