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BREAKING: US attacks Syrian army for 2nd time this week

As the Syrian Arab Army continues to make gains in the desert regions outside of Damascus in southern Syria, the United States continues to attack these convoys whenever they come close to an illegal US garrison near the Al-Tanf Border-Crossing.

Today’s attack by the US on Syrian and allied troops is the second in less than a week and the third such attack in less than a month.

The US has confirmed the strike saying that a Syrian drone threatened a US position. The drone did not inflict any damage, though this was the justification offered by the US for the strike.

US Army Colonel Ryan Dillon sated,

“In southern Syria, this morning the United States conducted strikes against two technical vehicles, pickup trucks with weapons that were assessed to be posing a threat to coalition and partnered forces based at At Tanf [al-Tanf] garrison”.

He contined,

“The United States also shot down a suspected pro-regime drone that fired on coalition forces conducting patrols outside of the de-confliction zone to the east. There are no coalition casualties”.

It is noteworthy that the United States has unilaterally declared the area around its garrison near al-Tanf a ‘de-escalation zone’ (aka de-confliction zone). Russia has condemned this move which goes against the protocols of the Astana Memorandum.

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