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BREAKING: Syrian Arab Army makes big gains against US backed jihadists

The Syrian Arab Army has not ceased its fighting against jihadists in southern Syria in spite of coming under attack from US forces earlier this week.

Syrian forces have just recaptured the strategically important Dakwah hilltop located 60 kilometres outside of Damascus from FSA terrorists who themselves recently took the hill from ISIS.

This comes as Syrian Arab Army troops yesterday captured Tal al-Abd hill top in the desert regions outside of Damascus in the south of the country.

Simultaneous to SAA actions in the south, the Syrian Arab Air force has hit US backed forces near Raqqa.

Al-Masdar reports that Syrian forces struck Liwa Thuwar Raqqa’ forces, an Arab contingent of the nominally Kurdish SDF near Tabqa, outside of Raqqa.

Although Syria is acting in its strategic interests in pursuing its enemies, many will also see it as an act of patriotic defiance over the continued American occupation of Syria as well as the continued backing of jihadists by the United States.

The Syrian Arab Army remains largely undeterred as it looks to march ever closer to the ISIS stronghold of Deir ez-Zor.

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