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BREAKING: Russia’s FSB arrests ISIS terrorists plotting to bomb Moscow transport

The west has long practised the faulty doctrine of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. It is what led the US, UK, France and West Germany to arm Ba’athist Iraq in the 1980s, a traditional Soviet ally, against the newly formed Islamic Republic of Iran. Of course, when the Iraq that the west armed engaged in a dispute with Kuwait, a British puppet state in virtually all but name, Iraq was back on the list of ‘enemies’ and it remained there until the US and UK destroyed the Ba’athist government in Iraq, plunging the once prosperous country into total civil war in 2003.

Before that, the US covertly aided the genocidal Khmer Rouge government of Democratic Kampuchea (Cambodia) because of their opposition to the Soviet allied government in Vietnam.

So if the ‘enemy of my enemy’ can be a friend in western thinking, then what is wrong with saying that ‘the target of my enemy can be my friend’?

Russia of course is not formally an enemy of the west, according to the west themselves. Russia for her part continues to refer to western nations as ‘partners’ albeit wayward or prodigal ones.

News has broken that Russia’s FSB has arrested 4 ISIS terrorists suspected of plotting a terrorist attack on Moscow’s Metro.

The FSB released a statement saying,

“The Russian Federal Security Service has detained four members of a terrorist group that consists of citizens of Russia and countries of the Central Asian region on May 25, 2017 in Moscow. They were preparing terrorist attacks on Moscow transport infrastructure using improvised explosive devices”.

The statement continued,

“An explosives production laboratory, a ready-to-use improvised explosive device with shrapnel and components for its production have been found during searches”.

According to the statement, “automatic firearms, ammunition, grenades, as well as literature and videos of extremist and terrorist orientation” were also found.

The men planned to travel to Syria after the Moscow attack in order to fight alongside jihadists and herein lies the difficulty.

The US along with Turkey, Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Saudi Arabia and Qatar officially back jihadist groups in Syria. Israel also tacitly backs the jihadists and does everything it can to use its air force to cripple Syria and her partners’ ability to fight the terrorists. This puts Israel on the same side as the terrorist group Hamas, a group many  have said had assistance from Israel’s Mossad in its early years.

Western civilians do not want to be blown into a million pieces on their trains and busses. Russians do not want it either. The difference is that while Russia’s government works to make sure that no one gets blown up by terrorists anywhere. The west is selective in when its leaders think that terrorist bombings are bad and when they think they are good.

When terrorists in Syria blow up civilians in Syria, it is merely collateral damage from an act by a ‘moderate rebel’. When the same happens in France, Britain, Belgium or Germany, it is ‘an extremist terrorist’.

The fact is that all of the aforementioned acts, are acts of terrorism and if the west actually cared more about fighting terrorism than about crazed anti-Russian conspiracy theories, they would ally with Russia out of pragmatism if not for any other reasons.

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