BREAKING: Russia ready to support Iraq in strengthening, equipping army

Russia is ready to supply Iraq with latest military equipment.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russia is ready to provide comprehensive support for Iraq in boosting its military potential and equipping its army with the latest military equipment, Russian ambassador to Iraq Maksim Maksimov told Sputnik.

“We always said on all levels that we are ready to provide comprehensive support to our Iraqi friends in boosting the military potential of the Iraqi army and security agencies, equipping them with the latest military equipment,”

the ambassador said.

Moreover, earlier today, Maksim Maksimov made clear that Russia hopes to reach an agreement with Iraq shortly on new joint projects in the defense industry cooperation sector:

“The Russian-Iraqi intergovernmental commission in the defense industry cooperation sector, a meeting of which should be held soon in Baghdad, has been operating since 2013. I think we will be able to agree on joint projects in this area with the Iraqis there.”

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August 14, 2017

Put Iraq in Russia’s back pocket.

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