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BREAKING: Kim Jong Un says there is no need for additional nuclear weapons testing

Kim says that Pyongyang “will join international efforts to halt nuclear tests altogether.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has issued a statement indicating that North Korea will put an end to its nuclear weapons testing.

By the 21st of April, the North Korean military will discontinue its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile testing program, according to North Korea’s state run media, the KCNA.

North Korea only has one testing site known to the outside world and it is located at Punggye-ri, which Kim says that he “will shut down” so as to “prove the vow to suspend nuclear tests.”

Kim says that Pyongyang “will join international efforts to halt nuclear tests altogether.”

Kim has agreed to meet with the US President Donald Trump, which has already seen preparations by Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo in his recent trip to Pyonyang. The summit between the US and North Korean Presidents is expected to take place some time in either May or June.

Additionally, the North Korea leader has recently made a trip to Beijing to meet with the Chinese leadership, with which the North Korean government has had a strained relationship. The Chinese President is also slated to make a journey to Pyonyang to visit with Kim later this year for the purpose of improving relationsh between the two nations.

Meanwhile, talks between North and South Korea are expected to be conducted during April.



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