Breaking: Greece leaves Brussels Eurogroup meeting. Rumors that EU is forcing Tsipras to resign

The critical Eurogroup meeting in Brussels has been interrupted a little after 16:30 (GMT +2), after the Greek delegation rejected the latest proposals made by creditors.


The Finance Ministers of the Eurozone invited our country to come up with “better” proposals, said Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis before departing, “your recommendations are not acceptable, and you do not accept ours. At this point their is not need to say anything more.”

Just a short while ago Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras arrived at the EU summit in Brussels with a small glimmer of optimism saying…

“I am convinced that we can reach a compromise so that Greece and the Eurozone can overcome the crisis.”

“Negotiations are always full of disagreements and then compromises”

So much for hoping. Tsipras should have jumped at the BRICS opportunity handed on a silver platter to him way back when he first entered office.

And now a financial type of coup may be about to take hold in Athens…


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No way out. Negotiations between Greece and creditors continue amid hope fading

What exactly did Russia (and China) offer Greece? Simple…some breathing room and an energy cash cow