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BREAKING: After Flynn’s resignation, White House says Crimea should be ‘returned’ to Ukraine

Two years ago if someone was asked ‘do you want to be Donald Trump’, an overwhelming majority would have said ‘yes’. He had money, fame, admirers from all corners of life and according to him, a great reputation on the golf course.

Today if someone were to ask the same question, many would say ‘no chance in hell’. As President of the US, Donald Trump is under attack from all sides. Life isn’t so easy for The Donald.

Many might think that this is an overly sympathetic characterisation of what is happening in Washington, given what White House Press Spokesman Sean Spicer recently said.

He told the baying mob of mainstream media ‘journalists’ that the US President expects Russia to ‘return’ Crimea to Ukraine. This comes after Trump’s Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley said the same.

First of all, the only return involving Crimea happened in 2014 when the ultra-majority of the population (over 90%) voted in favour of returning to Russia. Throughout modern history, Crimea has been a part of Russia and prior to that was part of the Ottoman Crimean Khanate. The state of Ukraine didn’t exist at the time.

From 1991 to 2014 the Crimean people made many attempts to gain autonomy and the desire of the Crimean people to return to Russia was very widely known.

The events of early 2014 were not an overnight occurrence, they were decades in the making. But when successive corrupt, nationalistic, disorganised, anti-Russian, anti-Crimean and incompetent governments were replaced by a fascist regime (which still incorporates all of the aforementioned elements), things went too far and the people of Crimea took to the streets and voted to return to their historical home.

What’s more, soon there may not be a Ukraine for Crimea to go to, in any case.

Throughout his campaign, Trump maintained a stance of wanting good relations with Russia and expressed some sympathies with the people of Crimea.

Based on his tweets about Russia, almost all of which are positive, one cannot say that Trump has changed his opinion. Instead, the Deep State, members of his own Republican party, the Democrats (even those who think Russia has invaded Korea and intervened in a fictitious country of Limpopo), the intelligence agencies and the mainstream media have been salivating at an opportunity to lacerate Trump for being ‘pro-Russian’.

When Michael Flynn resigned (though he had no need to) for having a conversation with Russian Ambassador to Washington, Sergey Kislyak, in which the issue of anti-Russian sanctions was mentioned, the opponents of Trump got the bait they needed for their fake news feeding frenzy.

As Alexander Mercouris breaks down, Flynn did nothing untoward, nothing illegal, nothing unethical and nothing without precedent. He likely resigned in order to save Trump yet another useless distraction, but sadly the side-show has commenced anyway.

Spicer’s statement may or may not reflect Donald Trump’s actual thoughts, I suspect it does not. But the White House is doing damage control against a hawkish neo-liberal establishment that sees Russia as global enemy number one, albeit without any real explanation as to why.

If Trump is going to survive the onslaught without compromising his principles he must unleash his secret weapon, alternative media, and Christian conservatives.

Increasingly, such people see Russia not as America’s enemy but as a natural ally. They see Russia as a Christian nation that stands apart from the liberal establishment of the west which seeks to destroy the family, human dignity, the ability to speak one’s mind and replace it with an Orwellian post-modern parallel universe, where peace is war, night is day, woman is man and man is obsolete.

Russia is a moderately conservative country that many American conservatives can relate to, even those who have never thought a great deal about Russian history or culture in the past.

Moreover, because Iran is an Islamic Republic and China is a Communist/atheist state, Russia’s Christian Orthodox Church which stands as a symbol of revived faith in Russia, is inspiration to a religious conservative base in the United States who fear that God is being replaced by obscenity and that the Bible is being replaced by post-human pornography. Thus whilst anti-Iranian and anti-Chinese rhetoric sells to a certain segment of America for obvious reasons, with Russia this is no longer the case.

Trump’s opponents are stopping at nothing to discredit him with old McCarthyist rhetoric that was obsolete by the late 1950s, as McCarthy died a disgraced alcoholic whom no one took seriously.

But the problem with the anti-Russian Trump smears is that Trump and his advisers have not been astute enough to know how to fight it.

Donald Trump must allow his advisers and his supporters in new media to show that Russia is a Christian country and a conservative country. Russia’s ideological enemies are the same enemies of American Christians and American conservatives.

If Trump can communicate this message clearly, he will be able to see off the threat and win new supporters in the process.

Crimea will always be Russia, so the problem is not Russia’s. The problem is that Trump is having a difficult time controlling events and people surrounding him. Trump, as a man, cannot be bought, but he can be sold…in this case, sold down the river.

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