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BREAKING: CNN fires Kathy Griffin

BREAKING: CNN fires Kathy Griffin

After public outrage over Kathy Griffin posting a photo of herself holding a mock-up severed head resembling that of Donald Trump, CNN have finally listened to the public and have said that Griffin will no longer host its New Year’s Eve program.

Griffin apologised for ‘crossing a line’, but how could she really be so naive as to not know she was producing an image that was not only incredibly obscene but carried an imply threat of inspiring people to commit acts of bodily harm to the President of the United States?

Imagine for a moment of a man whether famous or unknown who looked like an Arab, complete with a long beard had done the same? He would almost certainly be in prison by now if not shot dead by US police.

Imagine if a Russian or Iranian politician posted a similar photo in a publicity stunt? The hypothetical individual in question would immediately be persona-non-grata in the US and maybe beyond and would also certainly be personally sanctioned if applicable.

Imagine also what would have happened if Hillary Clinton won and a self-proclaimed ‘alt-media’ personality did the same? You could bet that there would be action taken beyond a mere firing.

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The liberal mainstream media have no problem with Griffin posting ISIS propaganda disguised as ‘comedy’.

Why might that be???

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