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Boxing champion Mike Tyson speaks in Moscow about his love for Russia (VIDEO)

Boxing champion Mike Tyson speaks in Moscow about his love for Russia (VIDEO)

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has given a talk at Moscow’s Synergy Global Forum about the much publicised triumphs and tribulations of his storied boxing career and his story of set-backs to resilience outside of the ring.

Tyson become the youngest ever heavyweight champion of the world at the age of 20. During his career he achieved 50 wins, 44 of which were knock-outs.

Since then, he has faced financial troubles and inter-personal challenges but has recently been touring the world talking about how he overcame these difficulties. In addition to public speaking, Tyson often does cameo appearances in films and television shows throughout the world.

Calling Russia a “cool” place, Tyson said that he was impressed by the beauty of Moscow and said that Russians are “great businessmen. It’s proved by looking at Red Square and everything around here; it’s beautiful!”

He further stated,

“I decided to come here because I like Moscow…[The forum] seems pretty interesting; I saw my friend Oliver Stone here, so I figured this is a pretty good place”.

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Film-maker Oliver Stone recently completed a lengthy set of interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin which aired on the US channel Showtime as well as on other outlets internationally.

Now watch Mike Tyson’s press conference which he gave after his speech in Moscow.


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