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Boom – HOT STUFF! A top French Professor of Medicine Exposes the Casedemic Hysteria ;-)

From Ivor Cummings

No introduction necessary beyond the title – just out on mainstream media today! Professor of Medicine Jean-François Toussaint exposes the lunacy of the current #Casedemic hysteria. Wakey wakey guys – the Epidemic is long since over.  But now we are dealing with the rights-destroying and economy-eviscerating reactions to the current concocted #CASEDEMIC !NOTE: My extensive research and interviewing / video/sound editing and much more does require support – please consider helping if you can at my Patreon Link: monthly donation to support me directly, or one-off payment – simply use the following link:

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August 24, 2020

Don’t know whether this channel is watched a lot or not, but even so, every little bit of genuine information helps in overturning this global hysteria.

THIS is Now Multiplying the Financial Crisis and Dot Com Bubble! Derivatives MELT DOWN.

Revealing! Forensic Pathologist Professor Klaus Püschel pulls no punches…