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Bomb attack on US Embassy in Kiev

An explosive device as been thrown into the grounds of the American embassy in Kiev. The blast occurred in the early hours of the morning injuring no one.

This comes after a far larger rocket attack on the Polish consulate in the Galician city of Lutsk in March of this year.

Ukraine is not only a lawless state and a military aggressor against the Republics of Donbass, but it is moreover a failed state that is a breeding ground for violence and terrorism.

Just because no group claims responsibility for an attack does not mean that it is not a terrorist attack and the low-grade attack on the US Embassy in Kiev, like the more serious attack on a Polish consulate months ago, is a manifest act of terrorism.

The frequent acts of political and random violence in post-coup Ukraine has made it so that Ukraine’s security services simply cannot be trusted to keep the peace.

This hasn’t stopped the European Union which is in the midst of a refugee crisis of its own making from opening its borders to Ukraine in the form of a visa free travel regime, thus increasing the further possibility of terrorists and criminals entering Europe.

This comes as members of Ukraine’s  neo-Nazi right call for an open alliance with ISIS against Russia. The insanity is disturbingly surreal.

It is unclear who attacked the US Embassy or what their motive  may have been. In the case of the attack on Polish state property, it motive is far easier to establish a motive as the Ukrainian fascist right frequently march chanting death to Poles along with Russians and Jews.

Vandalism of Polish monuments in Galician have likewise become an increasingly frequent occurrence.

While the US helped the fascist Ukrainian regime come to power, under Donald Trump, funds to the regime have been substantially cut. The attack could be a possible reaction to this new attitude which contrasts to the heavily pro-regime policies of Barack Obama.

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