Boko Haram, proof yet again as to how expendable men are

The Boko Haram has finally caught the attention of the western world. Main stream media, Hollywood, and the POTUS himself are now paying attention to the radical, “western education is a sin”, militant group in Africa.

What did Boko Haram do to attract such attention, including the First Lady’s hashtag photo op? They kidnapped 200 Nigerian schoolgirls. This is without a doubt a disgusting and terrible event that has rightly been met with horror worldwide, while concurrently prompting U.S. military action.

The kidnapping, as terrible as it appears, is not an isolated incident. Actually Boko Haram has a history of unspeakable violence targeted at young children. Their is however one main difference between what has recently happened with the schoolgirl kidnapping and the past events that frightfully went unnoticed and rarely reported.

Can you spot the difference in tactics used by the Boko Haram that finally has Obama and Co. up in arms:

February 25, 2014: Boko Haram set fire to a locked dormitory at a school in northern Nigeria, then shot and slit the throats of students who tried to escape through windows during a pre-dawn attack Tuesday. At least 58 students were killed, including many who were burned alive. Boys who managed to escape, according to witnesses, had their throats slit or were gunned down as they ran. The victims are believed to be between the ages of 15-20. Female students were spared in the attack.

September 29 2013: Gunmen from Boko Haram entered the male dormitory in the College of Agriculture in Gujba, Yobe State, Nigeria, killing forty-four students and teachers. Boko Haram entered the college at 1 a.m. local time and opened fire on the students while they were asleep. Only the male sleeping quarters were targeted.

Men (and in this case innocent schoolboys) are proven to be expendable. It is a sad truth that all men must come to grips with. In today’s liberal marxist world, men are tools (in a utilitarian sense) and considered to be the disposable sex.

After much trial and error, Boko Haram figured this unfortunate truth out. They learned that the only way to attract international, main stream media attention for their cause, was to change their target. Shift from murdering young boys en masse to kidnapping young girls with the possibility of selling them into sexual slavery.

As is stated via

The most recent kidnapping of the school girls in Chibok is a tragedy, but it’s also a tactical move by the group.

Boko Haram wants to instil fear in the populace, demonstrate that the government can no longer protect Nigerians and make the government look incapable before the people…


Hey Michelle…how about a #bringbackourboys hashtag.


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