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BITCOIN, ELON MUSK, RUSSIA + MORE – with the Duran + Tom Luongo. 1 of 2

BITCOIN, ELON MUSK, RUSSIA + MORE – with the Duran + Tom Luongo. 1 of 2Elon Musk has said the future is Bitcoin. Tesla bought $1.5bn worth of BTC. Governments have resorted to all sorts of authoritarian measures including extended lockdowns, protests are rising in Europe, as struggles for global hegemony continue. I am joined by Alexander Mercouris from the Duran and Tom Luongo who discuss these issues and global politics.

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February 22, 2021

T. Luongo would sell his mother for money and he’s a hyper anti Trumper, bias to the core! I’d not buy anything from him! And he talks to much when given the occasion, a typical self-promoter! His analisises are absolute crap! Horrible guy!

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February 22, 2021
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February 22, 2021

It would helpful if we had a link to Bitchute – or indeed if all the videos on the Duran site were moved from YOUTUBE. I found it impossible to find this video on BItchute – the search function there is appalling. The link suggested by the guy doing the interview at “CryptoRich) seemed uselsss. Most of us haven’t the time to spend hours fiddling with search engines

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February 22, 2021

BTC’s low, long term after the ‘halving’ is 60K$.. The stable until the next halving is 100K$ and the pop is estimated at 250K$, but dollar inflation can also be calculated in to this and at a 500% increase in 6 months that has been achieved is inline with the ‘halving’ formula as not complete. Due to the increased buying power only going to the very few, other sources of value will be very slow to follow, especially the disposables that rely on the masses. The next halving has a target of 1m$ per BTC, but regulation will come and… Read more »

Silver is Suppressed… Why?

BITCOIN, ELON MUSK, RUSSIA + MORE – with the Duran + Tom Luongo. 2 of 2