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Bernie Blasts Hillary's "Outrageous" Gabbard "Russian Asset" Smear

While the mainstream liberal media remains firmly in the pocket of the Clintons’ propaganda machine, spewing russophobic accusations at any and every one who dares question the establishment and military-industrial complex line, there are some – on the left – that are willing to step up and defend Tulsi Gabbard against the latest delusional suggestion from Hillary that she is a ‘Russian asset’…

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The Cambridge Scholar
The Cambridge Scholar
October 24, 2019

Poor Bernie. He just doesn’t understand how a hegemon is supposed to behave. One needs to attack anyone both foreign and domestic not fully on board with the hegemony agenda by any and all means possible. Of course, if military attacks are out of the question then it’s de rigueur to triple up on the verbal. Is there room for dissent in the ‘is the US a true hegemon?’ debate? Not according to the Cambridge Dictionary. – More examples The United States is viewed as having a global hegemonic role in the world. This hegemonic view pays too much… Read more »

Hegemon Lite
Hegemon Lite
Reply to  The Cambridge Scholar
October 24, 2019

TRUMP on Syria’s oil: “We’ve secured the oil and, therefore, a small number of US Troops will remain in the area. Where they have the oil. And we’re going to be protecting it, and we’ll be deciding what we’re going to do with it in the future.

Alexander Baron
October 24, 2019

Jill Stein has an op-ed in the Guardian today. If that crowd has deserted Clinton, she is totally lost, indictment or no indictment.

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