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Barack Obama sends tanks to Europe against wishes of American people

Between 1945 and 1991, many Americans were hoodwinked into thinking that US military and monetary presence in Europe was somehow defending their own country from the ‘threat’ of Communism.  In reality, ideology rarely changes geopolitics.

The Soviet Union needed to insure that hostile fascist regimes could not re-build themselves in the European borderlands with the Soviet Union and likewise America took up the mantle from Britain, France and Imperial Germany in being the de-facto superpower in western and parts of central and northern Europe.

Now, however, the ideological argument is gone. Far from promoting a Communist ideology, The Russian Federation is seen by many disenfranchised moderate conservatives in the west as a standard bearer for a calmer, saner, more normal culture than the dogmatic, post-cultural neo-liberalism which dominates in much of Europe and America (until Trump anyway).

It doesn’t matter that Marxist-Leninism is far more socially conservative and sane than any form of liberalism or neo-conservatism, the Hammer and Sickle was enough to effectively scare many in the west into thinking that many in the US were one Operation Gladio away from red annihilation.

But today’s Russia is ironically as ‘red white and blue’ as the stars and stripes, but whilst the flag has changed the propaganda against Moscow remains, only with the added insult of the west’s sexually deviant propaganda, being used as a catapult with which to hurl rhetorical poison against Moscow.

But for most in America, Russia represents neither an actual nor an abstract threat. The idea of ‘protecting’ European borderlands only ever sold to those easily scared by the fallacious domino theory.

This is why, I suspect the regiments of US tanks which have arrived in Europe in the final days of Obama’s failed administration are a bit of a non-starter for most Americans who want higher living standards at home and care only about stopping Islamic terrorism abroad.

Is America a democracy? Putatively it is, but what’s the use of electing democratic representatives if they do not represent the wishes of the people? Most Americans want Fords and Cadillac cars to be built in America. The fact that a Hitler loving Latvian ultra-nationalist is afraid Russia will invade a country that few of its own citizens care to live in, is the non-issue of non-issues for middle-America and frankly also for much of liberal America.

Obama however didn’t care about listening to ordinary people. Trump, during his campaign, did. He articulated their priorities whilst dismissing Deep State policies whose meaning runs shallow in the hearts and minds of ordinary people.

I reiterate my optimism in respect of Trump listening to his voters rather than those who are as out of touch with him as they are with the real concerns of real Americans.

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