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Bannon ‘declares war’ on GOP establishment, says will ‘cut off oxygen’ to Mitch McConnell (VIDEO)

Trump’s former chief strategist says it is time to end the establishment’s ‘economic hate crimes’ against the American people

As it turns out, former chief strategist Steve Bannon’s departure from the White House may have been a great move – at least for those who support the agenda Donald Trump laid out in his campaign.

Bannon appeared on Fox host Sean Hannity’s program following insulting statements by GOP senator Bob Corker against the president. Aside from condemning Corker, Bannon launched a veritable broadside against Republicans in congress for failing to enact Trump’s proposals on health care, taxes, infrastructure, and immigration.

He said plans were in the works to challenge every GOP senator at their next election, save Ted Cruz, and that Bannon would be going after the party establishment’s donors, to quote “cut off oxygen to Mitch McConnell.”

Draining the swamp is off to a very slow start – but it looks like having Bannon on the outside may be a way for Trump to finally jump start the process.

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