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Balls Of Steel: Twitter Calls B*llshit On Musk's "Video Proof" That Cybertruck Window Stunt Worked At Rehearsal

Musk released video of the stunt working in “rehearsal” – Twitter isn’t convinced. 

Unable to just move on with life and “take the L”, as one Twitter user suggested Musk do, Elon Musk continues to propagate the notion that the Cybertruck armored window demonstration that led to his public humiliation on Thursday night actually went fine during rehearsal.

Musk tweeted on Friday afternoon: “We threw the same steel ball at same window several times right before event and didn’t even scratch the glass.”

Sure you did, Elon.

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Jane Karlsson
Jane Karlsson
November 24, 2019

First Prince Andrew, now Elon Musk …. who’s next?

What could go wrong?
What could go wrong?
November 24, 2019

This guy wants to put drivers into self-driving fireballs and send astronauts to the Moon and Mars but can’t stage a simple demo for some butt-ugly concoction he calls a pickup?

BTW: With the last fireball, rescue couldn’t open the door to get the driver out and for some reason didn’t smash the glass, so if you have smash proof glass, what happens next time? Nikola Tesla is churning in his grave over this guy’s shenanigans.

Fiona Hill
Fiona Hill
November 24, 2019

Russian agents snuck in and changed the glass after rehearsal. Then they replaced the steel balls with DU just to make sure, all in an effort to undermine America’s space war efforts. It all came to me in a spurt of inspirational thought and as we all know, that’s proof enough for you.

November 26, 2019

The thing is, we all know that unbreakable glass has been available for years so why wasn’t it fitted? This failed demonstration just goes to show you can make a boatload of money and still remain a right moron. A man of his means should never have shown himself a mook like that. He’s earned his ridicule.

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