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As Iranian Tension Escalated Look What We Did for Pakistan – 1/8/20 – Back to the old game. After a twenty year track record of treachery and deceit, what does our leadership move to do? Yup, go right back to feeding the Pakistani Army and being so bold as to go right past the civilian government like wasn’t even there. Looks like all those photo ops with Imran Khan didn’t amount to anything. As the tension was building with Iran over the Soleimani assassination, Alice Wells at STATE steps forward and announces the resumption of military training for Pakistani Army officers – again. No one seems to have noticed as the drama in Iraq was unfolding which seems to have amounted to nothing. Accident of timing? Not bloody likely. In addition to resuming military training (IMET) for Pakistan, America had resumed, in July, giving Pakistan technical assistance for it’s F16’s at $125 million. When Reuters contacted responsible Congressional oversight offices about this, their calls were never returned. In the mean time, they have the nerve to rush to the microphones to keep the impeachment charade going poses the following question: How many US military deaths was Soleimani responsible for and how many are our “frenemies” in Pakistan through their unyielding support for the Taliban and the rest of the Islamic looney tune zoo? When you get that worked out, please explain why we had to immediately assassinate one man from Iran but we go right on feeding hundreds of billions of US dollars to Pakistan. Ever get the feeling you’re being had? It never ends:

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