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‘Arbitrary and unlawful,’ says UN about Julian Assange detention, Sweden continues the show trial

Sweden continues to challenge the ruling of the United Nations which found that Julian Assange’s forced detention is ‘arbitrary and unlawful’. This of course is a plain matter of Sweden trying to ascribe some level of minor legitimacy on the grand scheme of many in the United States to arrest, try and possibly execute Assange.

The situation in respect of Sweden was recently explained in full by Julian Assange when he told John Pilger the following:

“So, I would be immediately arrested by the British police, and I would then be extradited, either immediately to the United States, or to Sweden. In Sweden, I am not charged, I’ve already been previously cleared, etc. So, we’re not certain exactly what would happen there, but then we know that the Swedish government has refused to say that they will not extradite me to the United States. And they have extradited 100 percent of people that the US has requested since at least 2000. So, over the last 15 years, every single person that the US has tried to extradite from Sweden has been extradited. And they refuse to provide the guarantees”.

This makes it all the more absurd that Swedish prosecutors – perhaps better referred to as persecutors – will interview Assange on the 14th of November at the Ecuadorian Embassy. The entire matter is a modern day show trial, a witch trial even. Assange is being harangued by an establishment who say one thing publicly and another in private.

Anyone with a brain knows that the real reason that Assange is a fugitive is because people like Hillary Clinton want to ‘drone’ him, aka kill him. This is the beginning and end of it.

It must be said that the timing of the announcement, one day prior to the US election in which Wikileaks showed themselves to be brave in the face of intimidation, is highly suspect. One can but speculate on what the powers want to do to Assange in revenge for his truths which have spoilt the mainstream media lie party.

The only hope in this instance is for Ecuador not to flinch  from its commitments to Assange. Ultimately, granting Assange safe passage to Ecuador or another country that agrees to give him asylum, looks to be the only realistic end-goal for Assange, even if Hillary Clinton does not win.

For Julian Assange, this year has been the best of times and the worst of times. Wikileaks have undeniably exposed the profound corruption of the American political establishment and has unambiguously laid out the existence of a deeply dark government-media complex, one which is becoming a graver threat to democracy than the military-industrial complex.

The meeting on the 14th will doubtless leave Assange in no better position than he is now. It’s a shame that western countries have resorted to the kinds of show-trials they claim in public to abhor.

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