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Another humanitarian disaster in Al-Hol camp

With the increased Corona deaths … warnings of another humanitarian disaster in Al-Hol camp

Today, a woman died in the SDF controlled “Al-Hol” camp, Hasaka eastern countryside, due to Coronavirus.

Local sources reported that the camp suffers from poor health care, which foretells an imminent disaster amid an increase in the number of Coronavirus infections inside the camp, while “SDF” is not paying attention to health conditions there and hiding the real numbers of Coronavirus infections among the displaced.

According to the sources, the “SDF” has announced a small number of Corona infections in “Al-Hol”, while the real number far exceeds the announced, noting that the “SDF” does not conduct the necessary checks for suspected cases inside the camp.

Despite the international organizations’ efforts to deliver aid to the camp to save it from the spread of the epidemic, a large portion of these aid is seized by the “SDF” and transported to other areas. However, the camp is already suffering from miserable conditions, poverty, and ¬†lack of services and health care before Coronavirus.

The “UNICEF” announced earlier that / 8 / children in “Al-Hol” camp died in one week last August due to malnutrition, dehydration and hypoglycemia, while the exact toll of Corona infections and deaths in the camp was not known because of lack of transparency, in addition to SDF’s preventing international medical organizations from helping the displaced.

“Al-Hol” camp includes about 65,000 people, thousands of them are the children of ISIS members detained by the “SDF”. Most of the residents suffer from lack of water, food and health care, which threatens to cause more deaths with the continuing spread of the epidemic and SDF failure to protect the camp.

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October 22, 2020

Where is this camp? What is Hasaka? What is “SDF”? Who what where when and why …the basics of journalism. Writer just back to school!

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