Another day, another ESPN suspension

ESPN has suspended another host, the third ESPN suspension in the past two weeks, and the second suspension related to women’s rights issues and domestic violence.

This time its Max Kellerman who is under the gun at ESPN for admitting Monday on the ESPN-LA Radio show Mason & Ireland that he slapped his then-girlfriend (now wife), Erin, several years ago. Keep in mind that Max and Erin are and have been married for 20 years.

ESPN said in a statement…

“Max Kellerman will return to ESPNLA Radio and SportsNation on Thursday.”

So what gives…what made Max slap his current wife so many years ago? Here is the story behind the suspension.

Max explained in the story that he and Erin were at a college party and were drunk at the time. Max said that Erin slapped him, and so he slapped her back.

So to summarise…20 years ago, Max and his college girlfriend were at a party drunk…she slapped him and he then slapped her. Sounds like a dumb college drunk silly whatever.

The two got married and are fine. ESPN levelling a suspension on Max is childish and shows how blue pill ESPN really is…because no one has ever done anything in college (man or woman) that was silly or dumb at the time.

Max’s suspension follows the suspension of Stephen A. Smith on July 29, after making comments about NFL player Ray Rice’s suspension for assaulting his girlfriend.

Earlier this week, Dan Le Batard received a two-day suspension for putting this Miami billboard that makes fun of NBA star LeBron James.

All this slapping talk remind me of this Sean Connery interview. Connery holds his frame amazingly well…he truly is James Bond.


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