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Amazing historical discovery in Ukraine: ancient Greeks spoke Ukrainian

Amazing historical discovery in Ukraine: ancient Greeks spoke Ukrainian

An earth-shattering historical finding has emerged from the rich scholastic renaissance currently underway in Ukraine.

The discovery stands to overturn all previous notions of the origins of Western civilization.

As it turns out, not only are Ukrainians actually Europeans – but Europeans are really just Ukrainians.

Word of the incredible announcement has been published in Sputnik Deutschland:

The philosophers in ancient Greece would have spoken Ukrainian. That’s according to Pyotr Yushchenko, brother of Ukraine’s ex-president Viktor Yushchenko and former deputy of the Ukrainian parliament, in an interview with the broadcaster “Rada.”

Yushchenko is a self-proclaimed historian. According to him, there was a certain civilization, composed of 70 nations. Ukraine was allegedly one of them, though it was located on the edge of the territory of this civilization.

According to Yushchenko, the ancient Greek philosophers also spoke in Ukrainian. Famed cynic philosopher Diagones of Sinope supposedly even suggested the adoption of Ukrainian as the state language.

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This isn’t the first cultural contribution by Pyotr Yushchenko. Some years ago Mr. Yushchenko organized an exhibition of portraits of “famous Ukrainians” – including Russian playwright Anton Chekhov and Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud.

Yushchenko’s revelation is not without precedent. Another august member of the Ukrainian academy, Valery Bebik, had previously announced his discovery that the ancient Greek gods and mythological heroes were Ukrainians – and that Genghis Khan was a member of the Aryan race.

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