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Al-Nusra raises the fuel prices.

The Al-Nusra, through the Watad company, which monopolizes the hydrocarbons trade-in Idlib, has renewed raising its prices to record levels amid the deteriorating living conditions of the population.

The company announced that the price of the gas cylinder had reached 80.5 Turkish lire, and the price of imported gasoline increased to 5.31 Turkish lira, the imported diesel to 5.49, and the primitive refined diesel to 4.42, and the company invoked the decline in the value of the Turkish lira against the dollar to justify the rise in prices.

After Al-Nusra imposed dealing in the Turkish lira on the people, especially in the sale and purchase of indispensable fuel, the Turkish currency began to decline while the people of Idlib paid the price for that, as they had to pay more sums each time the value of the Turkish lira.

Sources reported that the exchange rate of the Turkish lira in the areas controlled by “Al-Nusra” in Idlib reached 521 Syrian pounds, and with the new increase in fuel prices, the price of a gas cylinder reached 41940 Syrian pounds, and imported gasoline reached 2766 Syrian pounds, imported diesel to 2860 Syrian pounds, and primitive refined diesel to 2302 Syrian pounds.

The source pointed out that the imposition of dealing in the Turkish lira had a negative impact on the people who paid the price of “Al-Nusra” decisions, in addition to the frequent increase in fuel prices in light of the suffering of the population from the deterioration of their financial and living conditions, after the “commission” burdened them with taxes and royalties, and controlled their lives.

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