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Adviser to Ukrainian President happy about deaths in Russian plane crash

Earlier The Duran reported about Los Angeles CAIR Director slandering the dead.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stayed silent about the plane crash and so far has not expressed his condolences. Yet Poroshenko’s adviser Yuri Biryukov took it to Facebook to say that Ukraine is happy about this tragedy. In his post, he writes the following, calling Russia ‘a horde’:

It is a paradoxical paradox that residents of the neighboring horde do not understand why we are so happy about the deaths of 80 military men of the horde’s army… A plane of the Russian MoD plonked… We’ve got only one wish – to bring a bottle of Boyaryshnik to the embassy of the horde.”

In his appalling post, Biryukov refers to the recent tragedy that took place earlier in December in a Russian city of Irkutsk where 76 people died of poisoning through faulty alcoholic drink Boyaryshnik.

Maria Zakharova, a spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, reacted to Biryukov’s statement in her post on Facebook:

Is that us who do not understand the reason why official Kiev is happy about the deaths of 80 military men?!! We understand that reason very well and have been talking about it for a long time now: in Ukraine, people supported by nationalists and radicals came into power. That is the reason. And now it is not only us who realize it.

Meanwhile a Russian TV-channel Tsargrad published a Top 100 Russophobes of 2016 list which includes Ukraine’s President Poroshenko and his adviser Biryukov, alongside with Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Federica Mogherini, Angela Merkel, and Francois Hollande.

The majority on the list are, however, prominent Russians notorious for their Russophobia freely and regularly conveyed in the Russian liberal media. It did not take Biryukov long to express in another Facebook post his gratitude for being classified as a Russophobe. In his own words, it has been ‘an honor’.

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