A very conservative response to liberal interventionism: How the Trump base reacted to war

Many Trump supporters have expressed their shock, anger, disappointment and disillusionment with the man they once so vigorously supported. But they did it in what can literally (rather than politically) be described as a conservative way.

I have not come across stories on a single riot, assault, shooting, car burning, shop burning or act of vandalism associated with upset Trump supporters going wild. I have equally not seen those fed up with Trump’s shattered promises donning stupid hats and making threatening speeches.

On the contrary, I’ve seen most of the anger directed internally to other members of the often conservative and  broadly misunderstood alt-media community. This however has been done though the throwing of insults rather than the throwing of fists.

It is rather surreal that many on the post-modern liberal left engaged in often violent street demonstrations when Trump took office, not knowing what he’d actually do, whilst Trump supporters who feel let down by Trump doing something he promised not to do, are remaining peaceful.

This surreal feeling is augmented by the irony of the fact that Trump was protested violently when calling for peace but is being treated pacifically when engaging in war.

It seems that Trump’s mush maligned base was concerned with ideas and policies after all, rather than personalities, sensationalism and muckraking.

How very puzzling that after being derided as being violent, stupid and insane for supporting Trump, Trump’s anti-war base is acting angry yet non-violent in the face of a violent, stupid and insane policy that the liberals are applauding their nemesis for adopting?

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