3 BIG misconceptions the West thinks of Russian men

Myths about Russian men

1. Russian men are vodka drinkers

Russians have always been notorious for their love of alcohol and the country remains in the top five of spirit loving destinations of the world. Some westerners believe that most, if not all Russian men start their day with a shot of vodka and no business meeting can go without. While vodka still remains the traditional drink of Russia, and many drinking traditions and tricks have derived over time.

This statement is nothing more than a cliche. Modern Russian men have refined their tastebuds to whiskey and enjoy their occasional Jack. Curiously enough, vodka is now considered to be the drink of the old or people of a lower social status. It would be a highly unusual sight to see a young Russian man enjoying this type of spirit at a trendy Moscow bar.

2. Russian men are chauvinists

Another common misconception of Russian men is them being chauvinistic, arrogant, sexist and overall unwanted mates for any modern day sophisticated woman. Most Russian gentlemen these days, are in fact gentlemen. These men will not be discouraged by the initial disinterest their object of desire may project upfront and will not let that get in a way of pursuing their goal of making their chosen woman fall for him.

Russian boyfriends are romantic and will take you on those long romantic walks most women describe in their dating profiles. Not to mention, it is frowned upon for a man to show up at your door empty handed or let their date pay at a restaurant. These alpha males are sensitive and attentive to the ones they adore.

3. Russian men are slovenly and dirty dressers

Western media and Hollywood often portrays Russian men dressed in dirty, outdated Adidas tracksuits, worn out dress shoes and leather jackets. Modern Russian men take great care of their appearance.

While casual and athletic apparel is widely popular among Russian males, office workers can be seen in dress shirts, sweaters and suit jackets. These men usually present themselves in tidy and freshly pressed attire. Clean shaven with a fresh haircut. In comparison to westerners, where one t-shirt, ball cap and a pair of jeans can meet the dressing requirements of any social occasion. Russian men give preference to minimalist designs and choose high quality clothes and shoes as part of their wardrobe.

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